A new basement office, a trip to Ikea, and a tart

I dismantled a bed today. Its pieces are now in the van to be driven, along with the girl and her several suitcases, to my parents’ place after hockey on Saturday. She gets to sleep over and I get to redo a little room downstairs that used to function as a guest room. The bed’s going into my parents’ crawl space because I have no space for it here, and then I get to decorate the room.

The room is as small as a prison cell, and has a large linen/clothes closet in it. I could rarely access the closet which was rather irritating because we just dumped stuff in the room. There was stuff on the bed, stuff on the floor, stuff in front the closet sliding doors…I finally decided to use the room for a different purpose and once I took the bed out realized it would make an attractive office.

Right beside the other office which is full of boxes and stuff we can’t seem to purge.

Here’s my thing: the house is too small but we can’t do anything about its size until at least the spring. The bed in the little linen closet room was useless, and using it as a dumping ground made me hyperventilate. I rarely went down to the basement and if I had to, for, say, laundry or something, I would be in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

But I want to make use of the little room; and it has a nice, large window facing the backyard, which is an attractive feature for a basement room. Lots of natural light coming in.

I’m going to turn it into an office.

We already have an office, right opposite the little guest room. But it’s not as bright, the window is smaller, and it’s full of…stuff. Boxes and boxes of stuff. How I wish I could just chuck the lot of it, but it’s mostly his stuff, so I can’t.

He’ll reject the idea of a second office at first but will hopefully like it enough to start working from home at least once or twice a week. This will help not only with the wear and tear on the car, which is commuting huge distances every day, but also save some money in the gas department. Gas is expensive and there’s little relief in sight. And perhaps one day, I can clear out the other office and use it for…hockey gear. Or the exercise bike. Or…whatever. I don’t care.

So…I took the kids to ikea. We will need a table for the new office and I have specific ideas as to what I want. The kids…oh my. I just don’t understand why they have to turn a little happy outing into a drama situation. They of course smelled the food from the restaurant and insisted on having a snack despite the fact that I explained prior to the visit, in the parking lot of the store, on the way up the escalator, and then again at the first sign of whining that WE ARE NOT STOPPING FOR FOOD TODAY.


I’m at home now, having a tea. They wore me out! There is a lovely apple pear hazelnut tart in the oven. I made it today, and I can’t wait to taste it. Something about this cold, miserable weather makes me want to eat warm, comfort-y type foods, including tarts with fruit and sugar and nuts.

apple pear hazelnut tart

My pants are getting tighter. Perhaps I should join my boy during his hockey practice tonight, don some skates and play along. Do you think they will let a hockey mom come on the ice and play with them?

Pfff….I’ll end up in the hospital with bruises and a broken leg.


4 thoughts on “A new basement office, a trip to Ikea, and a tart

  1. Would love to see pics of your new little office when it is done! I think this is a great idea – just the small amount of purging we have had to do as part of the basement reno has made me so happy. Clean spaces, with minimal stuff in them, serving a useful purpose! AWESOME.

    As for the IKEA – it’s a source of drama for all. It’s the heat, and the forever-walking, and the boringness of the shop for kids, and just in general it’s a huge marathon that can only be survived with frequent pit stops and infusions of Coke (known in our family as “elixir of life” for it’s shopping-recharge properties). Good for you for surviving!

  2. So…he didn’t use the office yet bec there was no powerbar. ? Can he not run the laptop on the battery? Instead, he sat in the gloomy box-y icky office…so today I trekked out to Canadian Tire to get a freakin’ power bar. lol

    I went back to ikea with only the older child. Ben was quite helpful this time, and we bought extendable legs bec the basement floor is slightly slanted, and the best surprise was that the table tops were much cheaper than the website indicated. I will certainly take pics when it’s done!

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