Shoes, feet and shopping

On yesterday’s mid-season premier of The Walking Dead, Carl got into a situation with a walker who took his shoe.

This got me thinking of shoes, which got me thinking of shopping, which is not a thing I particularly enjoy. But, those damned kids feet keep growing and someone has to get them shoes, which is why today, I purposely picked a grocery store that is located adjacent, and sort of attached, to a mall.

outline of children's feet

I do not like malls.

Anyway, I was in the Bulk Barn buying soap when I forced myself to walk through Winners which was located next door. Every once in a while I luck out there in the shoe section, so I wandered over to have a look at the kids selection. I saw nothing except shoes that cost twice as much as I wanted to spend. Who buys their kids expensive shoes? Do they realize they’ll grow out of them in a few weeks?

I wandered around until I hit Payless. Sometimes they have sales on and sometimes their shoe selection is of adequate quality for kids footwear. I looked around and saw something for Sonja, plus they had a sale on where the second pair is 50% off.

In my bag I keep the footprints of my children’s feet, outlined on paper.  Because…shoe shopping isn’t my favorite activity, and shoe shopping with kids in tow is even less so. I can still get away with picking up shoes for Sonja without her present, but not so much for Ben. He is almost 9 and insists on trying on the shoes before buying so I make that a father-son activity and suggest that when they do find a shoe that fits and suits him, to purchase the next size up at the same time so we won’t have to go shopping again in six weeks.

The trouble with Sonja is that she likes shopping and she likes trying on shoes even more! Trust me when I say this is NOT my thing. But this time, I think I managed to get her just the thing. They’re not running shoes, but have a running shoe sole so she can wear them for gym. And I know she’ll approve of the pink colour. Plus I got the second pair half a size larger to delay the next shoe shopping trip just that much longer.

Think she’ll like?

pink shoes

One thought on “Shoes, feet and shopping

  1. What a sweet find! And brilliant about carrying around their feet outlines. I agree with you, shoe shopping is the worst – we can never seem to find that perfect nexus of something they like, something they feel comfortable in, something that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg, and (GRRR) something they actually have in stock in their size. It’s awful.

    This year my middle daughter needed new winter boots and we went on an epic journey to six different stores, with my poor youngest in tow. In the end I caved and bought the only pair she said she would wear – for $80. EEEEP. Hopefully her younger sister can get a season’s use out of them, at least, to cut the price in half. BUT STILL.

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