Art made into cards

My 6 year old is turning into quite the little artist. She is a very creative kid and is always drawing, colouring, painting; sometimes even on things she shouldn’t (foam mats, side of stove, walls…).

Valentine’s Day is coming up. With every passing year I am less enthusiastic about commercialized holidays. Valentine’s Day is just another excuse for people to go spend money on stuff that ends up on the landfill at some point. Even the candy…we still have Halloween candy they’re not eating. It seems to never end. And just the other day I saw Easter chocolates lining the aisle in some store…it’s still February, and winter for crying out loud…


But the kids, particularly my girl, love all things party and celebration. They’re having a class Valentine’s party on Friday, so I suggested instead of purchasing Dollar Store cards to give out, why not make her own? Ben, when much younger, did this too, with potato stamps.

Sonja was impressed with the idea and she started on the weekend. Albeit she did so while watching some show on tv but whatever…she sat there and created her cards. I realize she made them backwards, but that just adds to the allure if you ask me. 🙂

Valentine cards inside of homemade cards

My mom makes the kids Valentine’s Day presents, usually with homemade cards. I encouraged my almost 9 year old to also make some cards, but he’s not particularly interested in art and crafts. He has to be in the mood, which is not often, but when he is, he usually draw something related to his main interest: sports.

He drew a cute Valentine’s Day card for his grandmother and Nonno using a cherished memory of an activity they do together: Ben and his 76 year old grandfather play tennis all summer long.

Valentine's Day card for grandparents

Happy almost Valentine’s Day!

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