The conflict between hockey recruitment and ‘stupid’ homework

Did you know that kids as young as 8 can get recruited in hockey?

Seems some coaches are looking for their next talent by attending competitive games now, at the end of the regular season, and just prior to playoffs. Seems at least one coach is impressed with our son’s performance on the ice. We are now the owners of a new coach’s business card.

There are many questions we have regarding sending our son down the path of more competitive hockey. Questions that have to be answered, at some time, but not necessarily right now. After all, that boy is not even 9 yet…

Still, it is kind of flattering, to see that a passion of his is recognized by those in the know. Yet at the same time, neither DH nor I feel pressured to pursue something of that magnitude at this time. Sure, additional challenges in hockey would be a great thing (for our son), but what about meeting the challenges in other parts of his life? Like school, for example?

Ben’s always been a stellar student but this has not been the best year for him. Could be a misfit with his teacher, or simply an age-related thing. After all, he’s a sports-oriented, very active 8 year old boy who isn’t thrilled at the prospect of spending six hour in school every day. Most things that aren’t sports-related, or physically active are, currently, described as *stupid*.  (Some parents are blessed with teenage offspring who describe everything as bullsh*t so I guess we’re all floating in the same boat here.)

But all of this makes me wonder if he’s ready for a huge change in his life. More challenging hockey with new coaches and different kids on his team at a new rink located further away from our current two rinks, that will impact not just him but also the family dynamic. Also, next year he’s switching schools to enter the grade 4 middle French Immersion program. Another change to adjust to. Not to mention the house/renovation/moving dilemma we’ve been struggling with for the last few years…

We spoke to a few people who have gone down the road of competitive, challenging and eventually professional hockey with their kids. Most think it’s a fantastic experience for everyone, particularly if the passion is coming from the kid (and not pushed onto the kid from the parent). At the same time, the message is loud and clear: there is no rush.  I’m a firm believer that if he’s this good now, he can still be this good next year, or the year after. He is, after all, still a child.

So, we continue trekking along with all our little issues. Decisions need to be made, but not right this moment. And frankly, having just read a piece of homework assignment in which the word ‘stupid’ appears four times in three sentences, I’m not convinced that we need to decide about hockey just yet, either.

stupid homework

2 thoughts on “The conflict between hockey recruitment and ‘stupid’ homework

  1. Huh, I had no idea – we are totally out of the loop on the hockey world, but I do know it can be all-encompassing. We have friends who are a serious hockey family and they have nothing but good things to say about it – the friends, the fun, the great way it has taught their son to balance work and get himself organized – but he is just about to turn 12, and I think they didn’t get very serious about it until he was at least 10. Sounds like you’re taking a good, measured approach – not stupid at all! 🙂

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