About bathrooms, hair, and kids

Recently I read a post about a wet towel situation involving kids. This makes me think about bathrooms, both current and new ones in the plans for our home addition which is hopefully going to happen before the kids turn into tweens, which makes me think about our main bathroom, which puts me in a bad mood.

The current bathroom is so small, and the sink doesn’t have a counter, which means that every time I put the blow dyer down to style my hair around my brush, the dryer falls down and a bunch of pieces fall off. This then means I have to unwind my hair from the brush, bend over to pick up the dryer and the piece(s) that broke off, fix the dryer, and I start all over again.

Blow drying my hair is a pain in the ass,  you see. A very good reason to leave the hair wet, which wasn’t possible during the polar vortex days, unfortunately.

(I put my hair in a ponytail today and gelled the frizzy, wayward strands into place.)

I long for a better designed bathroom. Which we will get when we renovate the house.

One of the architects suggested the kids get their own bathroom. At first, I thought we need more closet space, not a second bathroom on the same floor, but then I thought….teenagers.

Maybe that second bathroom is a great idea…for other reasons than just hair

What do people do with tweens and teenagers who do not have their own bathrooms? Is there a schedule to adhere to? A separate spot outside of the bathroom to do personal grooming? I don’t recall much fuss myself when we were teens, the three of us sharing two bathrooms with our parents, so did something change in the last twenty years?

I’m confused. Also I may shave my head. That would solve all the problems, right?


2 thoughts on “About bathrooms, hair, and kids

  1. I grew up in a house with three sisters and one main bathroom, one powder room in the basement. There definitely was a strict schedule in the morning and evening. If you missed your time slot you had to wait until everyone else went and then you were likely to be late for school. Makeup application was for the basement only!

    You can’t go wrong adding a second bathroom – it’ll be worth it in so many ways. Dream big!

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