Cold, cold, go away, we want to go outside to play

Everyone is complaining about the weather in our parts. It’s cold, there’s no sign of spring, we can’t seem to shed the layers, and we’re all tired of being indoors.

It’s not helping me much that my European family and friends are experiencing a summer-like spring right now. It appears that flowers sprung back in February! How utterly unusual. My wish for them is that there will be no more frost warning because watching all this wonderful greenery and colour explode all around to just wither up and die during a frosty night, that would make our hearts sick. Even though I’m green with envy… pun intended.

Having said that, we here in southern Canada are anxiously awaiting any sign of spring. Signs like a good rain that will wash off all the salt stains from the cars (I took a bucket of hot water to do my part on the windshield because the wipers themselves just didn’t do a good enough job), or even mud. As much as I hate mud, it would be a sign that the ground is softening which will awaken the roots of plants and signal them to emerge. How I long to see a single green grass blade…

But there are some positives in all this coldness, and we can choose to focus on them as we wait for warmth. Allow me to compile a list for you:

  • The sun is out almost every day. It may not feel particularly warm on your skin, if you do in fact have skin exposed, but the sun is there and getting warmer despite the snow and ice still lingering around.
  • There are some days when the temperatures rise above freezing. Sure, at night it’ll dip back down and re-freeze the now freshly made mud, or puddles, but we’ll take the mud for a few precious hours during those days thankyouverymuch!
  • The month of March technically marks the arrival of spring even if you don’t see the signs. March is a tricky month leading us to believe that warm weather is due, but perfectly comfortable in keeping the cold and wet weather around for a tad longer. My latest philosophy is to let the damn cold stick around a bit longer, but then when it finally moves on, to stay the hell away and not come back. Is that possible, do you think? I’d rather stay in cold than endure an endless series of yo-yo weather. Make up your mind, and stick with it.
  • My son’s hockey season is still on. Although we are in playoffs we are still heading to the rink three, four times a week. The rinks are cold, which requires warm clothing, and since the weather outside is also still cold, we’re not thinking much about bringing along extra layers. Seems simpler, in the grand scheme of things, to just dress warm and leave rather than dress in short sleeved clothing, forget to bring jackets and hats along, and then consequently freeze to death at the rink.

Writing about all this weather makes me think of soup, and since I have a sick-ish child here, off I go to make him some soup.


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