Cure to eye-rolling in tweens

I am currently seeking patent for my latest invention, attributed to tweens and their endless eye-rolling activities.

Honestly, is this something they learn in school? Is this a subject they teach in grade 3? How has eye-rolling become such a staple in my sweet child’s life?

Well I have invented a cure. This cure is still in experimental mode, so feel free to apply to your own unique eye-rolling circumstances and report findings. I’ll create a spreadsheet, if you want. Or maybe someone can design an app…

Currently, I’m of the opinion that his eye-rolls are [still] cute(ish) and not-yet-too annoying but I can see how this could escalate in the future. Not to mention the fact that the little 6 year old chicklet has decided to accompany her “OH MY GOD MOMMY” and “what is the MATTER with you MOMMY” with a healthy dose of eye-roll each time. Doesn’t leave much to be desired, does it.

Anyway, yesterday I announced to my boy that for every eye-roll I witness, I will deduct 10 minutes off the electronic gadgets they’re allowed to play with on the weekends. So far he’s registered -20 minutes (that’s NEGATIVE twenty minutes) of Minecraft time, and he’s down to 10 minutes of XBox 360 NHL hockey thingy game he plays.

But. Today is only Wednesday…

How’s THAT for a cure? Now, where can I seek patent information for this tidbit?


4 thoughts on “Cure to eye-rolling in tweens

  1. Hee! Let me know if it works. I have to say, although our oldest is 11 now we still haven’t seen much of tween-attitude – knock wood. I doubt it will be long before the girls kick in with it, though, in FULL FORCE.

    Have you seen this thing going around on Facebook – a mother’s checklist for how her kids can get out of being grounded? They must earn “500 points” to earn their freedom, and they can earn stuff by doing chores – 100 points for a load of laundry, 40 points for loading the dishwasher, 20 points for sweeping the floor, that sort of thing. ME LIKEY.

    • It’s not working because I’m not enforcing it. No I haven’t see the earning points thing on fb…lol. Wonder if THAT works.

      Essentially I have discovered that the ‘Drill Sargent method’ is the only way to get things to run smoothly around here…:)

    • One thing I have found is that removing video/screen time only punishes myself. They get bored and whiny and then they are in my face complaining every 30 seconds, while I’m trying to actually get stuff done. GAH.

  2. I struggle with removing screen time too. Since Minecraft, Wii and Xbox are only allowed on weekends (TV during week is ok) they naturally want to get all that fun in without restrictions. But seeing them waste an entire weekend plugged in is not the right answer either. And beside, boredom should, theoretically, get their creative juices flowing…some of the best artwork Sonja has produced as been after a period of being bored and whiny….

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