The endless glamour of an errand day

Two days of non-stop running around, an ongoing illness that won’t go away, work that finished and then started again, and kids that grow and demand stuff have left me exhausted.

I made a nice list for myself last night and continued it this morning. Oh how prepared I was! How organized! I was going to get all the running around done before lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon, after taking time to prepare and duplicate a Pickle Barrel quinoa salmon salad lunch in my kitchen and eat it, cleaning up the house for the surveyor people who are coming here tomorrow to do stuff. Bank-y stuff for the renovations.

Instead, as these things go, I dropped into Winners after the Bulk Barn because the other store wasn’t open yet and I may as well purchase sandals for the boy that won’t stop growing while they still have sizes. But, to get to the children’s shoe department I had to walk past a sea, several seas actually, of women’s fashion and of course I saw something and went to try it on because I have to stop wearing the same black pants every single day at some point, even if spring or summer never do arrive this year, and that put me behind schedule.

But not for long! I  picked up on my list and continued on….while the phone dinged here and dinged there. DH sending me appointment reminders for tomorrow he just booked…but he is for whatever reason not responding to MY questions whether he will be present for said appointments. Is he expecting me to be there? Is he handling it? Is he aware that I have my own schedule of things to do? Well he was at work, or, working (at home) so I figured we can address it later and adjust schedules as necessary.

Still…caused me some grief knowing there’s new appointments and not knowing if I had to be present for those….

While at the next store I noticed they were out of the items I needed or didn’t carry the brand, which was depressing because this required me to drive across town to another store to purchase items that were hopefully located at that location, which was not part of my original plan, and put me behind, again. So to cheer myself up I went into the nursery (for plants, not babies) and looked at seeds and flowers which I didn’t purchase because IT’S STILL WINTER AND WILL MOST LIKELY BE UNTIL OCTOBER OF THIS YEAR.


On the way to the other health food store I end up driving past the kids’ school and remembered they were complaining of being cold this morning so I wanted to see if they were sitting in a corner in the schoolyard frozen half to death. (They weren’t even out of the lunchroom yet.) Another delay but I’m a mom and I had to assure myself my little maniacs precious babies were happy and not plotting revenge for not forcing them to wear a different jacket.

The other health food store had one of the items but not the other so I bought it and decided I had enough and went home.

Of course the minute, THE MINUTE, I pass the guinea pig cage I realize I forgot to pick up Timothy Hay for him, indicated on my list in extra large letters because the poor guy’s been stuck in his cage without hay for two whole days and may be dead by the end of the day due to lack of nutrition, which will only cause endless noise to come from the girlie, so I dropped my shit and left again to drive right past the school, again, and on to the Pet Value. (Still no kids outside at the school, if you must know…)

By then I was starving.

As I sit here and type, I fantasize about the delicious lunch I was going to have today. Except, because I didn’t pick up some of the veggies and coffee for tomorrow (will do it at school pick-up, I guess) I had to eat leftovers from last night, which was fine and hit the spot, but it wasn’t what I wanted. You know that feeling when you think about something, say, fried Louisiana chicken, and then nothing will do until you get fried Louisiana chicken? It was like that.


In the meantime DH came up here to state he will be present for the appointment tomorrow, and yes, the surveyors will be coming INTO this house which is an atrocious mess right now, so I guess I should sign off here and at least put the laundry away.

Or something.

In about a week’s time we will have a new mortgage and an architect will be selected and the blueprints can begin to take shape of our no longer two-bedroom-bungalow but much better and completely new two-story-at-least-three-bedroom house.

The end.

2 thoughts on “The endless glamour of an errand day

  1. So many of my days are lost days like this – running here and there, checking things off on lists oh-so-slowly, feeling at the end of the day that you really should be able to do more with your time than just this. But it’s these kind of days, I think, that really keep the household running – little details that would otherwise fall through the cracks and result in dead guinea pigs :).

    SO EXCITED to hear about the renovation plans!! Be sure to take tons of “before” pictures before they start work, and tell us all the details!

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