The end is near, and still so far…

I have no reason to complain at all.

But I have a LONG list of complaints, of late.


We’re all suffering the last of the school days, endure the lunch-making-unpacking-not-eating-can-we-go-for-ice-cream-we-are-staaaarving thing, and frankly, the end seem so far away, still.

We’re in the midst of EQAO standardized testing, as well, which makes the entire ‘get up for school NOW or else’ daily mantra seem even more futile than usual.

I’m depressed. I should be energized and ecstatic because our plans to put a second story on this tiny house has become a reality. The architect is coming on Friday and we are able to provide him with a concrete budget.

This is what our current tiny bungalow feels like:

tiny house

Ok maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I am thanking my lucky starts that we finally have access to the outdoors which just expands our living environment by so much more.

This will be the year of transition. I foresee a lot of whine wine in the coming summer months…I’m hoping that we will all live to see the newly built house in 18-24 months and have not succumbed to the stress of the entire process…I may have to strangle people periodically to maintain my sanity, but such is just how the cookie crumbles ’round here lately.

I will chronicle the journey of our new adventure on a blog. Not sure yet if I’m going to publicize it, but if I am, I’ll post the link here.




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