Unwanted solicitors begone

We are not the kind of people who enjoy being solicited to. We never, ever respond to unsolicited advice and DH in particular is especially keen on collecting and researching all pertinent information on a specific product or service on his own time at his own leisure, before we go out and talk to experts or sales personnel.

We never, ever buy things at the door, sent to us by email or direct mail. Anyone who thinks we are more inclined to try something or buy something by saying words that begin with “you must” or “you should” or “you have to try” is guaranteeing that we will never get that thing at all. And don’t even think of calling us on the phone….

If we ask for advice, then yeah, sure, I may take you up on a suggestion. I know already that the kind of fridge I want for my new kitchen is currently being used by friends of ours, and I will pester them for information when the time comes to purchase our own new fridge. Their advice will be invaluable and if they are willing to give us some, then I will welcome it.

But to solicit us in our home, uninvited, um…no. Don’t do that.

So, it was a couple of Sundays ago when it happened. This guy and some young woman were halfway down my driveway when my 9 year old son came to me and said ‘Mommy, they want something”.

I told Ben I was busy gardening and to tell them there was no soliciting at this house. “Point to the sign on the door if they don’t believe you”, I suggested.

But the people wouldn’t go away. They kept pestering my kid who was playing on the driveway.

So I head toward the driveway as well and before they have a chance to say something, I said:

“There’s no soliciting here”.

He was carrying a clipboard and a binder, and the girl had a bunch of flyers in her hand. Of course, as these things go, the guy immediately approaches me and responds that they are not soliciting and shoves his binder into my face.

“We’re working on the houses in the area replacing water heaters and bla bla blah yada yada yada”,  he starts talking.

The rest of the conversation went something like this:

Me: Maybe you didn’t hear me but there is no soliciting here.

Him: We’re not soliciting, we’re offering yada yada bladibla.

Me: Did I invite you here?

Him: I’m just trying to tell you blablabladibla…

Me: Did my husband make an appointment with you to show up here on Sunday afternoon?

Him: No, we’re just in the neighbourhood….

Me: So you are here uninvited bothering me on a Sunday afternoon?

Him: I’m trying to tell you, if you could look at the binder…

Me: Get off my property.

This entire thing went down in front of my son. I may have sounded agitated by then. Honestly, trying to remain polite in front of my child wasn’t a top priority at that point anymore considering how aggressive and pushy this idiot was. In hindsight I should have taken down his information, tweeted the living daylights out of this situation, and complained directly to the company, but that would have meant me engaging longer trying to figure out the company name and contact in formation.

I just wanted to be left alone.

Look. I can appreciate some people get business this way. Some people believe in direct mail. Some people call. Some people disperse their religious beliefs by going door to door and handing out pamphlets…but since I have placed the no soliciting sign on my door, even the elderly Jehovah Witnesses have kindly respected our wish not to be disturbed.

This guy and his water heater?

I felt like whacking him.




2 thoughts on “Unwanted solicitors begone

  1. I find it really hard to believe that they get ANY business this way. We’ve had some polite solicitors and some not-so-polite, but they all get the big NO from me, and it amazes me that anyone ever gets anything that way. Especially pushy water heater guy – if anyone says yes to that, I would think they were being taken advantage of. Take no for an answer, DUDE.

  2. The only solicitation that works for me is the kids selling Girl Guide cookies or chocolate covered almonds. But it must work sometimes or companies wouldn’t waste their time. I guess that’s why I get the same guy calling me every 2 weeks about duct cleaning.

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