First week of summer drivel

Sometimes, it’s the little unplanned events that happen on the spur of the moment that make the best memories.

Take Wednesday, the day after Canada day and a regular work day for the bulk of the working world. I had a chiropractic appointment and was somewhat willing to leave the 9yo at home for the 30 minutes I was gone but had to take the 6yo with me. But I said something to her about going to the bakery after so he heard that and decided to join us too. After all, we can’t have one kid have a baked good and not the other, because…siblings! Kids! Also “NOT FAIR!”

You know.


At the chiropractor they decided to come in with me and I thought ugh, they want to watch me get adjusted? Well, turns out he had a pile of toddler toys in the corner and they got busy with that. Or I should say, Ben got busy with that, and Sonja chatted up a storm with the doctor. Because Sonja is my chatty chicklet and will talk to anyone about anything all the time so that was fun. For her and for the doctor. 🙂

At the bakery I suggested they both pay for their own pastry out of their wallet and they were thrilled to bits to do that. The lovely Japanese ladies behind the counter were patient and happy to assist them with their coin counting. If that face doesn’t show you the sense of pride in counting out $1.05 I don’t know what does. 🙂


Afterwards, I thought we could go for a little drive since we were already out and about. How about we go check out the Creative Centre where Sonja will do an art camp in a couple of weeks? None of us had ever been there and I wanted to familiarize myself with its location, parking and set-up. So off we went. Made a wrong turn. Found a different way to get there. Arrived in one piece. Received a welcoming ‘go ahead and check the place out’ from the lady behind the desk. Got to spend almost 45 minutes looking at the Black and White display of art work by local artists in the gallery. Saw beautiful other work displayed in the hallway. Looked forward to returning (and frankly, I do not see why Ben shouldn’t go there for 3 hours in the morning the same week at the same time as Sonja. Life doesn’t have to be about sports all the time, and he does enjoy sculpting, one of the mediums they will be introducing to the campers of his age…)


It looks like summer will be a great time to recharge all of our batteries. Although hockey is still on until the tournament is over in two weeks, things have drastically slowed down, just the way I like it. For the most part, the kids have been easy and a joy to be around (mostly) and I don’t anticipate too many issues until about mid-August when everything that is fun now will have lost its appeal. Activities however will continue to take place only every few days, not daily, because I can’t and don’t want to go out and do kid-related stuff every single day. Also, boredom is supposed to get the creative juices flowing…so maybe I’ll think up of a few things to leave around for them to get creative. A hunk of clay, or a toolbox and some old wood….even large cardboard boxes might do the trick. And the old easel with the paints…That’s always a hit and I have minimal cleanup to do if they do it on the driveway instead of inside.




2 thoughts on “First week of summer drivel

  1. Painting outside! That’s super smart. I like it!

    Sounds like summer is off to just the kind of lazy, curious, dreamy start you’d want. Keep it up!

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