Sibling competition

I can’t figure it out.

Either, there is something wrong with the way I parent these kids of mine, or there is something wrong with the children.

All I know is, both of them are constantly in competition with each other about who got more than the other. More: attention from someone, any type of food, amount of drink in a cup, ice cream scoops, chocolate chips in their cookie, sprinkles, pancakes, Pokemon cards, Minecraft time, visits at grandparents’ house, playdates, you name it, they will argue about it.

So tiresome.

They also argue over why one has to help unload the dishwasher while the other doesn’t (right now), or why “it’s always ME that has to do this when SHE never does” or vice versa, and why does he have to sort the laundry now and she doesn’t?

(Because I said so. That’s why.)

When the procrastination begins it’s even more annoying entertaining…To avoid for as long as possible the very boring task of sorting the socks in the laundry basket, he will walk miles to find out what his sister is doing (or not doing) just to make the case that HE has to do ALL the WORK and SHE is not doing ANYTHING and it’s NOT FAIR!

When he gets to where she is and realizes she has the underwear basket to sort, he will come up with an excuse as to why her basket of undies is easier than his basket full of socks.

It never ends, is what I’m saying.

My solution to all this is to pile on more chores. Why not? Every time someone fights or teases or complains they’re bored, they’re not using their time wisely. When I was a child I was outside almost the entire summer, and if there wasn’t anything to do I would watch the clouds lying about in a field, or people watch at a window. Or I would draw or write something. Or read. Or create something…no one made ME sort socks and stack undies because I wasn’t around to have chores piled on me…nor was I arguing with my siblings in front of an adult. I don’t remember seeing that many adults during my childhood ‘free’ time…

What I’m saying is this:

If you fight, or bug me, you get a chore to do. Always plenty of chores around here to accomplish…

I give up.





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