On the second day of back to school…

…the bus isn’t late. (well, not that late. just a few minutes). So to celebrate, I’m doing this.coffeedonutThe tv remote is self explanatory, as is the coffee. The donut will probably kill me with a sugar crash in about 15 minutes time. But the mouse…argh. Just as I finished entering all the info into the e-calendar, I get the baseball schedule.

It never ends.

If I’m still upright and awake in 15 minutes, I’ll be on the hunt for a portable, insulated container in which I can send hot meals along to the rink. Yesterday’s traffic chaos had DH arrive home in time to literally pick up the kid and his gear and drive back out into the chaos to make it to practice. I sent a hot meal along in two kid-sized thermoses, but I wonder if there is such a thing as a larger one, maybe with compartments. There will come a time when the snow returns that both DH and Ben may have to eat in the car….such is the life of a hockey family, especially in the competitive leagues. But we signed up for this, which means I have to be prepared for this. Which is why I am sitting here with reinforcements doing all my research online first before venturing out to the stores. (I’m thinking Canadian Tire, SAIL, maybe other outdoor/adventure type stores…).


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