Horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad…


Yep. Today is not good. BLAH. And frankly I find negativity everywhere I look, except in food.

Food helps the hormonally challenged, right? Food and…wine. But it’s kinda early for wine…maybe coffee and something pumpkin-spiced would lighten the mood?

There is absolutely no good reason for me to feel this way. October is the BEST month ever what with the great weather and the colours and the fantastic harvest and the pumpkins and the kids are in school all day…but of course something has to happen to piss me off. Well, an accumulation of things…they started yesterday and continued today. And as a crowning achievement of my morning so far, there was a wasp bugging me while I bbq the harvest, and then another one, and pretty soon I’m flapping the tools around like a zombie slayer and the next thing I know my bbq-ed stuff almost fell off the porch railing.

See? Not helping my mood.

Also parenting sucks. I quit. I don’t want to parent tweens and I don’t want to know what happens on the bus or who didn’t finish their homework and therefore can’t play hockey (THAT happened to another kid, but could easily happen here too), and I don’t want to reprimand one kid for kicking up the leaves pile the other one wanted to keep for after school and I don’t wan to hear another whining, complaining or negotiating word. About anything. Just go to school, solve your own problems, and stop talking already!


Then I visited Lynn over at Turtlehead and she reminded me that TV is a good distraction. This is both good and bad news for me because we only have basic cable and got a few channels free for a while but now no longer unless we upgrade to another package which we didn’t really want to do. Most of the channels in that package we don’t want. The only one I’m seriously interested in is AMC, because the WALKING DEAD is finally coming back, and they have great laundry-folding movies. Yes, we have Netflix, but sometimes, like when I’m cooking, I want to watch something cooking related…or a sitcom or some other stupidity just for the distraction part of it. So I had to spend part of my morning dealing with the comfort level of spending more money on a stupid package of channels we don’t really want or need. Why can’t we get the channels a la carte? That would be awesome.

Guess I’ll have to watch the Bold and the Beautiful today while folding the bedding. Unless the online-ordered package kicks in without some hoopla involving guys with wires and cables stomping around the house to adjust stuff and charge me a kidney for.


So off I go to tune into the Young and the Restless while I finish up cooking some food no one will eat. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

End of rant.

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