Packing, moving, renovating

It has been so long since I’ve been on this blog I had to look up the password.

Not sure where to begin since I’m trying to keep it together here, but barely hanging on a thread. We are moving into a tiny shoebox house for a couple of months in two weeks, 2 WEEKS, so the packing post-holidays has begun in earnest. It appears however that things are not quite as overwhelming as I thought, originally, since we do not appear to have quite as much useless stuff as I first assumed, but on the other hand, the way we store some of the stuff we want to keep has me ranting and raging on a regular basis lately.

I must find a way to train the entire family how to be more….orderly. Or something.

Look, I am no Martha Stewart when it comes to keeping house. However, compared to certain people who cohabit with me in this house I am the UEBER-Martha Stewart. For reasons that elude me, people in this house store things without any rhyme or reason in places that no one would think to look for them. I don’t do that, won’t do that, since looking for stuff I know we have is irritating and energy-sucking, and simply going out and purchasing new items is stupid. But some of these cohabitants of mine store empty boxes, bags or pieces of paper that have no value (expired receipts, old art work, notes) in every nook and cranny. The concept of condensing things and organizing them with like items is lost on pretty much every one of them. And this HURTS me, people. I will tell you why.

This is not a large house we live in. It is a two bedroom bungalow with a large basement with two more rooms downstairs. There are four people with stuff that live here. Theoretically, if we practice just a little bit of common sense, this house is plenty big enough for all of us and our stuff. BUT, not in the condition I am finding it in these days. Packing up seasonal items in particular has me sobbing in a corner or a regular basis. I find empty or semi-empty boxes taking up prime residence in cupboards and closets where I would have loved to store some essential things, like linens or towels or even toys. Instead, I tote around plastic bins for this stuff or stack them on the floor in the hallway, not realizing that the basement closets are not really full. They only appear full because they house empty boxes.


Point is, I’m the one that has to pack up the house before the renovations can commence. I am taking this opportunity to not only purge, but also reorganize stuff before hauling it to the off-site locker. The move to the rental house, which is about 75% smaller than this place, will have to be a lesson to all of us in terms of what we keep. I wish I could make the family read some of the great blogs that I look to for inspiration (or save me from despair), like Becoming Minimalist (pffff…AS IF!) or Zen Habits. But alas, one of us is working full time and doesn’t have time to read blogs, the other two are….kids. What can I say. I just have to do this myself, and hope that when we move back into this house we will be a little more diligent.

Otherwise, momma will definitely become a lush. Or a lunatic.

* * *

Needless to say this has been preoccupying for me. I feel very stressed and don’t want to see or hear things that my brain can’t process at the moment. I’m in constant overdrive, and it’s exhausting me. I go to bed with the youngest, and fall asleep before 9 pm…only to wake in the middle of the night with anxiety which I spend watching tv.

But I do realize something: it will be worth it. The renovations will improve things here, and the rental situation is temporary. We are a busy family going to the rink every 10 minutes so theoretically we do not have to be in the rental home very much. When he’s at work, and the kids are at school, I have the shoebox to myself for a few hours during the day which hopefully will help my disposition. The prize is a better functioning house when we return and it will be all worth it.

The question now is: do I blog about our next adventure? The ‘moving’ and ‘renovating’ and everything in between?

I’m not sure I have the stamina, but then again, maybe it’ll be cathartic.

Now, I must go heat up some lasagna before tackling all the lego in the world, currently housed in the almost empty basement.


3 thoughts on “Packing, moving, renovating

  1. It’s hard to find balance between our own needs for simplicity and the need to own stuff of people around us! My most challenging family member is, interestingly, the youngest. She loves things. Everybody else is rather frugal. Oh well, with time…

    • tell me about it. πŸ™‚ our youngest is 7 and she loves everything, especially her own created art work! Maybe for her 8th birthday I will give her a camera and tell her to snap photos of the things she wants to keep…

  2. Ugh, I feel for you. Isn’t moving supposed to be one of the three most stressful events in a person’s life? I can’t imagine having to purge my own household down to moveable status – good luck, and sending you all the best wishes I have.

    I feel like I’m constantly riding the fine line between getting the kids to get rid of stuff, and letting them keep things they love. My husband feels they should be in on the process – deciding for themselves what stays and what goes – so they learn that they just can’t keep it all. But I can’t stand the heartbreak and pleading and totally random assignments of value (as in – we MUST keep this dirty chewed up dreidel that I found on the schoolyard, but let’s get rid of the $50 doll Nanny bought me for Christmas, GAH), so I usually do “clean outs” without them knowing. It’s just TOO MUCH STUFF – and that’s taken in small batches. You must be so overwhelmed – I know it’ll be worth it in the end though. Looking forward to reading about all you can manage to share!

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