Struggles between hockey and lego

One thing I miss since the hockey passion has taken up all our head space around here is the children’s lego. We used to, when Ben was younger, sit on the floor and put together entire lego cities complete with fire stations and houses, construction scenes, and many little vehicles for his mini figures. We built buildings and connected streets leading to the police station.Ā  I spent many a Sunday morning, in pjs with my cup of coffee, sorting and playing with him to a point where I considered it my own hobby, too. Then the kids got bigger, the house appeared smaller, and there was less room to spread the lego we built out in the basement rec room. Also the hockey gear needed a place to dry and air out…

hockey trees

That space used to be our lego play area…sigh. Well, there was only one thing to do: pack up the lego and relocate it elsewhere (or move into a mansion. ha.). So I banished all the colourful bricks into those plastic drawer thingies that are stackable and on sale every ‘new year’ (so January, and September) and rolled them into a corner.

I kept thinking we’ll get back to playing, but there just wasn’t space. Or time.

Then we decided to renovate and I had to empty the house out. Over a weekend and a couple of days on either side of it, I condensed all the lego we have into this pile:

lego storage

This is an incomplete picture of all the lego we own but it gives a good general idea how much of it we have. While I packed it up and hauled it off to the storage locker, I felt kind of nostalgic for the old times when my little Benjamin and I would spend Sunday mornings together building. Will this time return ever again? I’m not so sure, since the renovations of this house isn’t going to increase the size of it…


I wish I could have something like this…

It looks like Ikea children’s furniture was used to put this table together.My kids have grown beyond the child-sized furniture though…

I also like this idea, for which I already have some of the equipment:

While packing up the house I discovered that the under the bed drawers could, theoretically, be converted into lego stations as well. I would probably need some styrofoam blocks to elevate the depth of the drawers somewhat before glueing the lego sheets and train tracks to it…but that’s a project to consider post-renovations. Right now, the objective is to reduce, purge, and store things, including all the lovely legos.

One day, I will have my very own lego room and join a club.


2 thoughts on “Struggles between hockey and lego

  1. Okay first, I am DROOLING over that LEGO table with the buckets around all the sides. It is a GLORIOUS BEAST. I want one.

    Second – I love the fact that you used to do LEGO with your son, so adorable. This sounds to me like the perfect Christmas tradition – one weekend before Christmas, when the kids are wound up and there’s no hockey on, drag out the bins and build for old times’ sake. Bet he will love it – we do this with our old Thomas the Tank Engine stuff and my son gets super into it. Better once a year than never :).

    Also: love the super organized LEGO stuff. Impressive!

    • Thank you Lynn! You are right about the Xmas time lego playing…we actually did it this year with the electric train, but it was kinda crowded. I’m hoping next year will be a better, and more elaborate, set up. šŸ™‚

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