I will tell you something about my life right now.


gutted house

So we had to buy faucets for the bathroom. Do you have any idea how many types there are to choose from? Sorry, I should have capitalized this because OMG.

Took us a week to pick some out. Except, we were also supposed to purchase a tub, too. DO YOU THINK IT’S EASY TO PURCHASE A TUB?

Not for us. SIGH.

While I’m out hunting and price comparing like some interior designer chick, I’m also spending a lot of time in the car. I’m not used to this. The above house is in a neighbourhood nestled in a southwestern corner of a large city and much of my daily needs are available on foot. Part of the reason we didn’t want to move in the first place. But now we live a little further away and this requires me to chauffeur the kidlets to their respective schools. My back and arms are sore from driving in snow-covered roads all day. Because, and here’s the thing, since I’m already IN the car I may as well drive to all the stores where shopping for my house is supposed to happen.

Then I detour and drop into a lighting store to look at pendant lights.



Anyway, it’s exciting, a little scary, and definitely overwhelming.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I saw a backsplash idea on a website (DO YOU KNOW…see above)….


2 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Oh my God, look at your house! It must be so strange to see it this way. Hope it’s more on the “thrilling” end, rather than the “scary” end. I’m unclear on the plan here though – did you decide to have an addition put on, or an extra floor? Or is it just sort of a reworking of the current floor plan and an update?

    I feel for you with the decision making, too. Our house was brand new when we bought it so we had to pick out tiles and cabinets and countertops too – and it was so overwhelming. Our son was just 1 at the time and I remember the two of us spending hours in the showroom trying to pick between types of beige carpet, doing budget analysis, all the while trying to keep him entertained. And that was at least with everything in more-or-less the same location – I can’t imagine having to drive around. Hang in there!

    • Well, the plan is to rework the main floor. The basement was done before and has two bedrooms already down there, so the only work we’re doing down there is turning the laundry/toilet into a proper bath and stacking the laundry in the corner. The open concept rec room down there is also done. So just upstairs.

      We thought of putting up a second story but the cost is astronomical. So we said no. We will have the garage redone too (which is a separate dwelling and will act as other storage, too). And since we’re getting a dropdown ladder to the attic which will act as storage (not a second floor) we’re gonna be ok for space.

      But yes. Selecting things with children…ours are bigger now but they wander off and do their own shopping and then give us lip when we say “no we are not getting that faucet, it’s $999!”. 🙂 LOL

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