Welcome to my blog. I write here to mentally process my life with kids, on and off, year after year. Any previous attempt to abandon this blog has failed miserably. I like this blog, I like the WordPress platform, and I keep coming back here no matter how long a pause I may take.

I write about things that enter my head. Lately, this is mostly about the kids’ experiences in public school. I dedicated an entire page to the  topic of school just to keep all the posts together in one place, so if you have kids in public school and a need to compare notes (or to commiserate) please feel free to drop by there.

But school is not the only thing on my mind. I also write about food. And hockey…

I seem to have many titles, like most other blogging mom’s I virtually know, from hockey mom, cook and chauffeur. I’m also a daughter, a common-law wife, and a sister to two siblings, I’m a blogger, a reader, a gardener…I’m a multi-tasker and procrastinator, I’m a drinker of wine and coffee and I’m a big purger. The house we live in is too small and not a day goes by when I long for a nice big empty bin to be parked on my front lawn so I can toss 99% of our clutter out the window and into the bin. To be trucked far away from me and never return.

Perhaps a renovation is in the plans shortly. Either that, or a move…but we’ll see.

I also tweet about my life @javaline, should you be so inclined to visit me there, too.

So, I welcome you to my blog. I hope you enjoy your visit and say hi occasionally.



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