Taking it day by day

I’m not feeling the spirit here. But that’s ok because there is plenty of other things that are keeping me busy.  Some are holiday related, some are weather related, some are school related, and there’s some hockey related business as well (because, of course there is). Ultimately, we just wing it, and figure it out day by day. Doesn’t everyone do that at this time of year? Continue reading

Meanwhile at Casa Javaline…

I am trying to get into the Christmas spirit.

Well, it worked for a while…late November, we had some big, fat snowflakes! We trekked through them to attend a local Christmas Open House at a community centre, and the white backdrop behind this beautiful wreath was very fitting. Continue reading

Post-Christmas recycling madness

For the most part, I think that the cities around various Canadian parts have committed to the recycling effort. Whether stuff actually get recycled once the blue bins are collected and emptied by the trucks I am not sure, but I tend to want to believe that yes, the effort is there.

We all want to reduce the amount of garbage we consume. No other time during the year is this more evident than post-Christmas. Continue reading

When Mama Bear doesn’t want to talk about it….and then does anyway

Christmas was a whirlwind, sort of, but not in a stressful kind of way. We had one fest on the 23rd, my parents over at the house on the eve, a day off on Xmas day with just kids, Santa presents and relaxing, and another fest on Boxing day.

Then it snowed. Continue reading

Merry hockey, er, I mean, Christmas

Today is the last game for the House League team.

Tomorrow is the last practice for the House League team. The practice conflicts with an invite from an out-of-towner to play road hockey on his mom’s tennis court. To which the kids want to go, of course.

During the two Xmas days there will be skating. Or shinny. Or both.

Immediately after Xmas, on Boxing Day, starts the Select Tournament. He plays every day except one day between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve.

So…if I’m not at someone’s house stuffing my face, I’ll be at the rink.


Easy kid-friendly winter decorations

I had this idea last year when we made the bulk of these Perler Beads snowflakes…but I didn’t get a chance to hang them up in the window until this year.


With the weather wet and brown outside, I like the effect of the blue-ish, hint-of-purple-ish snowflakes, mixed in with others my mother-in-law probably bought at the Dollar Store eons ago…

026If I find a blue-lights-on-a-white string, (not the standard green ones) I may wrap that around the top of the window to embellish the wintery scene…

036A great activity for the kids on a cold and wet day. Add blue ribbon (or white, or silver!) and hang them up wherever you want. The great thing about Perler beads is you can hang them on your outdoor decorations as well…they’re plastic, after all, and won’t get destroyed.

Blissful alone-time

Back when I was a first-time mom, my friend and I, also a first-time mom, went together to the One of a Kind Christmas Show pushing strollers of adorable babies.

I remember fondly what it was like, to be a mom on maternity leave (sort of, I wasn’t employed when I was pregnant), and the new experiences I embarked on six-ish years ago.

Then came the second child, and I don’t remember much about going to Christmas craft shows after she arrived. There was renovations, no job for me, new job for him, no money, delays, and too much stuff. Last thing I wanted to do was go look at beautiful things I couldn’t afford to have that I wanted to buy with money I didn’t have.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago.

My mother arrived on a morning during early December and sent me on my merry way. “I’ll pick up the girl for lunch, you go and have a nice time at the show”, she said to me.

So I did.

I never looked back.

I genuinely look forward to wandering around a Christmas craft show full of hand-made, local (Canadian) items by myself. Sure, I sometimes take a chance and suggest to a friend or other family member to come and join me, but I am not heartbroken if it doesn’t work out.

I genuinely enjoy walking around by myself. I stop when I want, I buy what I want, I look at what I want, I sit when I want, I eat what and when I want.

It’s luxury. Pure bliss.

And the show is better every year. The artists and their crafts…so unbelievably gorgeous.

This coming Wednesday I will be making my trek east again to the show, and hope to spend part of my birthday money on something I really want to have and don’t really need. And perhaps some lucky people on my list will also receive a token of my appreciation from the show in the form of a Christmas present. Might as well get into the spirit of the season and shop there, rather than at the mall.