Packing, moving, renovating

It has been so long since I’ve been on this blog I had to look up the password.

Not sure where to begin since I’m trying to keep it together here, but barely hanging on a thread. We are moving into a tiny shoebox house for a couple of months in two weeks, 2 WEEKS, so the packing post-holidays has begun in earnest. It appears however that things are not quite as overwhelming as I thought, originally, since we do not appear to have quite as much useless stuff as I first assumed, but on the other hand, the way we store some of the stuff we want to keep has me ranting and raging on a regular basis lately.

I must find a way to train the entire family how to be more….orderly. Or something. Continue reading

First week of summer drivel

Sometimes, it’s the little unplanned events that happen on the spur of the moment that make the best memories.

Take Wednesday, the day after Canada day and a regular work day for the bulk of the working world. I had a chiropractic appointment and was somewhat willing to leave the 9yo at home for the 30 minutes I was gone but had to take the 6yo with me. But I said something to her about going to the bakery after so he heard that and decided to join us too. After all, we can’t have one kid have a baked good and not the other, because…siblings! Kids! Also “NOT FAIR!”

You know.

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Summer vacation started on Friday at 3:15 pm and it’s been a pretty good start so far. We had tennis lessons, a birthday party, a visit or two, and we set up the backyard pool and a new canopy for shade over the picnic table. Which is where I’m sitting right now typing…this, ladies and gents, is my new office.


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Unwanted solicitors begone

We are not the kind of people who enjoy being solicited to. We never, ever respond to unsolicited advice and DH in particular is especially keen on collecting and researching all pertinent information on a specific product or service on his own time at his own leisure, before we go out and talk to experts or sales personnel.

We never, ever buy things at the door, sent to us by email or direct mail. Anyone who thinks we are more inclined to try something or buy something by saying words that begin with “you must” or “you should” or “you have to try” is guaranteeing that we will never get that thing at all. And don’t even think of calling us on the phone….

If we ask for advice, then yeah, sure, I may take you up on a suggestion. I know already that the kind of fridge I want for my new kitchen is currently being used by friends of ours, and I will pester them for information when the time comes to purchase our own new fridge. Their advice will be invaluable and if they are willing to give us some, then I will welcome it.

But to solicit us in our home, uninvited, um…no. Don’t do that.

So, it was a couple of Sundays ago when it happened. This guy and some young woman were halfway down my driveway when my 9 year old son came to me and said ‘Mommy, they want something”. Continue reading

Post-Christmas recycling madness

For the most part, I think that the cities around various Canadian parts have committed to the recycling effort. Whether stuff actually get recycled once the blue bins are collected and emptied by the trucks I am not sure, but I tend to want to believe that yes, the effort is there.

We all want to reduce the amount of garbage we consume. No other time during the year is this more evident than post-Christmas. Continue reading

To pet or not to pet in this house

We need a pet. Some sort of animal that belongs to us that we can care for, and touch, and play with, but doesn’t take up too much time and energy.

I’m thinking cat. But that’s not going to happen, for now, for a while probably.

I’m thinking dog, too. We are dog people, we used to have a dog, and we still have our Molly-girl part-time, but…it’s too much for me to handle a dog right now. We’re supposed to be preparing for a move, and all, and this house is too small for us, never mind adding another big person-like thing into the house.

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