Speeches (or the lack of silence)

You ever feel like you’re sick to death of your own voice? I’m reaching this point for two reasons:

1. I seem to have to repeat Every Single Thing Every Single Time I speak, sometimes more than once.

2. Once I get going with speaking to them, my brain seems to do a fast-track of the seventhousand other things I was thinking about when they were in school and since I’m already speaking to them RIGHT NOW I may as well get it all out.

(…bla bla bla…and as I mentioned this morning you should leave your wet boots ON the tray not beside it since this is a rental house and we don’t want to damage the wood floor….bla bla bla…remember you were supposed to pack your recorder in THIS thing to avoid it breaking again…bla bla bla…who left the shovel in the middle of the walkway this morning I almost broke my neck when I came back from grocery shopping…bla bla bla...)

You would think one can expect an almost 10 year old and a just over 7 year old to keep their attention span ON ME for as long as they seem to be able to keep their attention on Minecraft videos.

You would think. But you would be wrong.

I’m just so tired of all this repetition*. And the ensuing attitude from the younger one especially, but not exclusively, had me regress back to their toddler days and create a naughty chair for her to sit on. Don’t we have enough challenges already? I mean, look: how many years have they been going to school? Do I really need to remind each one separately every single day prior to leaving the house that they MUST BRUSH THEIR TEETH?


Living in a rental house isn’t exactly helping to keep the routine smooth but I did a lot of work to have things in place for them so they can work toward getting themselves ready without my help. Still, it doesn’t seem to be working. Because once I get them out of the house you would think I could expect them to get into the car so we can go to school. But once again, you would be wrong.

They are outside fighting over a snow shovel. Despite the fact that we have two identical ones in different colours. But no. They both want the red one.


I went to Canadian Tire today and bought a third shovel. This one is pink.

Tomorrow I will take a vow of silence. Does anyone do this or is it only monks or other religious people who practice silence?

I think I’m going to give it a try. Might be cathartic for me.

*Repetition does not work, as we all know since we’ve all heard the so-called experts speak. And I know: to get them to do something after you say so, you do not repeat the request, but you get off your ass and make them do it either by pointing, or following them, or collecting their distractions or whatever. But if that time of day is the first time I’m sitting down, or alternately the time of day when something must happen RIGHT NOW OR WE WILL BE LATE, then yelling speaking the command is easier more effective even at the risk of now having everyone agitated.

Struggles between hockey and lego

One thing I miss since the hockey passion has taken up all our head space around here is the children’s lego. We used to, when Ben was younger, sit on the floor and put together entire lego cities complete with fire stations and houses, construction scenes, and many little vehicles for his mini figures. We built buildings and connected streets leading to the police station.  I spent many a Sunday morning, in pjs with my cup of coffee, sorting and playing with him to a point where I considered it my own hobby, too. Then the kids got bigger, the house appeared smaller, and there was less room to spread the lego we built out in the basement rec room. Also the hockey gear needed a place to dry and air out…

hockey trees Continue reading

With back to school comes the parental food preoccupation once again


Since the kids started eating lunch at school going back several years now, a favorite (and requested) packed lunch has been what you see in the above picture:

a flat hamburger bun cut in half
a slice of roasted turkey
two thin slices of cucumber in between the turkey so as not to get the bread ‘wet’ Continue reading

Solitude, a late bus, and some crafty independence

So here we are again. Back to blogging. Right?


My propulsion to write is not here. I don’t know where it went. Maybe I’ll find it again, or maybe I’ll write a bunch of drivel, store it in the draft folder, and leave it there indefinitely. Like I have so many times over the summer…

But summer is over now. Never mind the heat wave we’re in, the kids went to school today and we’re back to routine. I have to say, I wasn’t quite sure if I’m ready to leave the lazy days behind…having the kids around all the time hasn’t been as challenging this summer as it has when they were toddlers and preschoolers, and we did have them in occasional camps, but my favorite time is when we’re all together but separate, doing our thing, and giggling and eating together and connecting. The school year is all about schedules and routines and hockey and food and laundry and homework; the summer months were a breath of fresh air.

Yet I welcome the school year, like I do every year. The one thing I missed the most over the summer was my alone-time. Solitude re-charges me, and is essential to my well-being, and as long as I get some peace and quiet during the day, I find I can handle the chaos that comes when the kids get home easier to handle. Or the hoopla in the mornings… Continue reading

Sibling competition

I can’t figure it out.

Either, there is something wrong with the way I parent these kids of mine, or there is something wrong with the children.

All I know is, both of them are constantly in competition with each other about who got more than the other. More: attention from someone, any type of food, amount of drink in a cup, ice cream scoops, chocolate chips in their cookie, sprinkles, pancakes, Pokemon cards, Minecraft time, visits at grandparents’ house, playdates, you name it, they will argue about it.

So tiresome. Continue reading

Why I blog about my family

I would not be me in this current state if it wasn’t for them. They make me what, and who I am today because they are here. My kids are a part of me and therefore a part of my personality (and now a part of this blog).

I post on this blog because I need to say something about me. I do post about how the kids affect me, and because printed words written by me help me understand myself.

Thing is, I’m also a blog-reader. Continue reading