Halloween candy, allergies and other preoccupations

I think most people agree that life-threatening allergies, or any allergies, are scary. They are scariest when the child is young and dependent but continues to be scary as the child grows and venture out into the world, sometimes on his own. Children with allergies have a special need of sorts, but in today’s society are somewhat protected in most public places like schools, or activity centres. The protection however is limited, as we all know. For parents with kids who suffer from nut allergies, for example, food dangers prevail through their entire childhood and beyond. One must maintain a vigilant eye at places like the rink or playground which are not necessarily designated as nut-free.

Point is, families with allergies adhere to a life of rules specific to their needs (just as families with a child in a wheelchair, or visual impairment, adapt to their own specific set of rules). Continue reading

And Halloween’s upon us

*Before you let your kids eat twizzlers, read this first.*

I woke up in a bad mood. My first thought was what a stupid holiday this Halloween thing is. With the rain, and forecast storm tonight, this whole trick or treating business will put a damper on the whole evening. (Get it? DAMPer? lol) Continue reading

Halloween schmalloween

My kids love Halloween.

I’m…kind of getting sucked into it. Which is the complete opposite of how I used to feel about it. To be frank, I don’t like the candy part of it. In fact, last week I opened a container where usually I store the cookies cutters, and found a gigantic plastic bag full of Halloween candy from last year. Gross. Seems we don’t really eat that much candy…

The kids are older now and into watching some of the more harmless movies that often play around this time of year. My 8yo is a tad more, um, apprehensive than his younger sister, and Beetlejuice was kind of hard for him to watch. 🙂  If something scares him, he runs away or hides behind furniture…

The now 6yo girl of ours is not afraid of anything. She LOVES Halloween beyond reason and the scarier it is the better. it is because of her that my fridge looks like this:


So, let the fun begin! Certainly the decorations  have already started…there are plastic bats and spiders hiding in every nook and cranny of this crazy house already…