Struggles between hockey and lego

One thing I miss since the hockey passion has taken up all our head space around here is the children’s lego. We used to, when Ben was younger, sit on the floor and put together entire lego cities complete with fire stations and houses, construction scenes, and many little vehicles for his mini figures. We built buildings and connected streets leading to the police station.  I spent many a Sunday morning, in pjs with my cup of coffee, sorting and playing with him to a point where I considered it my own hobby, too. Then the kids got bigger, the house appeared smaller, and there was less room to spread the lego we built out in the basement rec room. Also the hockey gear needed a place to dry and air out…

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The conflict between hockey recruitment and ‘stupid’ homework

Did you know that kids as young as 8 can get recruited in hockey?

Seems some coaches are looking for their next talent by attending competitive games now, at the end of the regular season, and just prior to playoffs. Seems at least one coach is impressed with our son’s performance on the ice. We are now the owners of a new coach’s business card.

There are many questions we have regarding sending our son down the path of more competitive hockey. Questions that have to be answered, at some time, but not necessarily right now. After all, that boy is not even 9 yet… Continue reading

Salty olives and soda water

This morning I bought a gigantic container of marinated olives and some fresh buns and when I came home, I ate them. Not all of the, but many of them…they hit the spot for my salt craving and also for my not having eaten a proper breakfast before rushing out with the kids and then going to the store.

marinated olives

But herein lies the problem: olives are salty which means I will be thirsty. (I AM thirsty right now, how does soda water with lemon or line sound?)

Thirsty for me means stay close to a bathroom.

Only problem is: I gotta go to a rink in Timbuktoo for a game at 6:25 and if we don’t leave the house during the window of opportunity between 4:00 – 4:15 pm then we will be stuck in rush hour traffic and late.

Sitting in the car for an hour and a half without access to a bathroom is going to be not fun.

We have to be dressed at the rink 30 minutes prior to the game.

So…what to do what to do?

First, gotta get me a drink. Then…plan to stop drinking as of, say, 2 pm?

This is what is occupying my brain today.

You’re welcome.

The ugly side of kids competitive sports – travel

I think it’s clear, even if you are new to this blog, that we are heavily involved on the sports side of things with our kids. It’s the kids that have requested to play in organized sports, and we started them out slowly, at local community centres and summer camps, to find out what it is they wanted to take out of these kinds of activities.

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The thing about food for active kids

Food is a never-ending thing for families, isn’t it.  It actually registers pretty high on my radar of late, what with hockey- and gymnastics season started. Seems kids want to eat pretty much all the time, and most often they want snacks.

But, as I’m learning through research and inspiring recipe-googling, I discovered that Continue reading

It’s not back to school yet, but it’s back to hockey

Yesterday, the last day of July, I tweeted this:

back to school already?

Look, I realize that after that humidity-drenched few weeks in July the cooler weather was welcome by most of us. But that is no reason to hurry the kids back to school just yet. (Says the mom who cherishes her sanity by sticking the kids in front of the boobtube with Netflix.)

Point is, I am not READY for schedules and routine. I am NOT ready for hockey practices….

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Residual contact in high-speed sports

I am a horrible terrible mother who wishes that hockey was over right now.

He plays two games this Saturday. One at 8 am and the other at 6 pm.

Two weeks ago a ref decided to not blow his whistle when one of our kids got elbowed and went down. The coach alerted the ref who made the idiotic choice not to call the penalty. The ref ignored him. Our kid was still down, not getting up. The coach alerted the ref again, and the ref threw him out of the building. Continue reading

Letter from hockey coach to 8 year old hockey player

The resulting post below was inspired by an email my 8 year old son Ben sent to his coach upon finding out that he was nominated and will be awarded the Most Valuable Player award on Saturday, despite the fact that his team was eliminated and in 4th (last) place during the House League Season. His coach responded to Ben’s email with the most heart-felt commentary, I just had to share it. A copy of the email (with certain names taken out for privacy reasons) is at the bottom of this post.

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