Residual contact in high-speed sports

I am a horrible terrible mother who wishes that hockey was over right now.

He plays two games this Saturday. One at 8 am and the other at 6 pm.

Two weeks ago a ref decided to not blow his whistle when one of our kids got elbowed and went down. The coach alerted the ref who made the idiotic choice not to call the penalty. The ref ignored him. Our kid was still down, not getting up. The coach alerted the ref again, and the ref threw him out of the building. Continue reading

Letter from hockey coach to 8 year old hockey player

The resulting post below was inspired by an email my 8 year old son Ben sent to his coach upon finding out that he was nominated and will be awarded the Most Valuable Player award on Saturday, despite the fact that his team was eliminated and in 4th (last) place during the House League Season. His coach responded to Ben’s email with the most heart-felt commentary, I just had to share it. A copy of the email (with certain names taken out for privacy reasons) is at the bottom of this post.

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When Mama Bear doesn’t want to talk about it….and then does anyway

Christmas was a whirlwind, sort of, but not in a stressful kind of way. We had one fest on the 23rd, my parents over at the house on the eve, a day off on Xmas day with just kids, Santa presents and relaxing, and another fest on Boxing day.

Then it snowed. Continue reading

Merry hockey, er, I mean, Christmas

Today is the last game for the House League team.

Tomorrow is the last practice for the House League team. The practice conflicts with an invite from an out-of-towner to play road hockey on his mom’s tennis court. To which the kids want to go, of course.

During the two Xmas days there will be skating. Or shinny. Or both.

Immediately after Xmas, on Boxing Day, starts the Select Tournament. He plays every day except one day between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve.

So…if I’m not at someone’s house stuffing my face, I’ll be at the rink.



Hockey in my livingroom. At the big rink. At the small rink. Hockey helmet too tight, new one too big. New hockey helmet. Fits. Hockey stick that is too straight. Too long. Curved stick. Red tape, white tape, black tape. Hockey ball. Hockey practice. Hockey game. Hockey expectations. Hockey loss. Wet hockey equipment. Ripped hockey bag. Dounut from Tim’s. (ha)

Too much coffee. Gut rot. Canadian Tire. More hockey in livingroom. More hockey tomorrow.