Halloween candy, allergies and other preoccupations

I think most people agree that life-threatening allergies, or any allergies, are scary. They are scariest when the child is young and dependent but continues to be scary as the child grows and venture out into the world, sometimes on his own. Children with allergies have a special need of sorts, but in today’s society are somewhat protected in most public places like schools, or activity centres. The protection however is limited, as we all know. For parents with kids who suffer from nut allergies, for example, food dangers prevail through their entire childhood and beyond. One must maintain a vigilant eye at places like the rink or playground which are not necessarily designated as nut-free.

Point is, families with allergies adhere to a life of rules specific to their needs (just as families with a child in a wheelchair, or visual impairment, adapt to their own specific set of rules). Continue reading


On my Christmas wish list I am putting down some new desires, beyond the usual ‘peace and quiet’ I always ask for and never get.

A secretary would be nice, for one thing. And a cleaning lady…but can she, will she, also deal with the clutter before she cleans? I don’t mean to be picky, but if she’s just going to wipe around the clutter, that won’t be helpful to me, and I’d have to fire her right before Christmas, and how bad a person would that make me?

Actually, my Blackberry has been immensely helpful. But still, I find myself constantly standing in someone’s way while checking my various lists in the handheld…the guy at the Bulk Barn must have said excuse me several times while I stood there engrossed in my list of what I need from there.

Yet I have to admit…things are looking up. Sort of…

For now.

On and on and on…

This year I vowed to keep things calm and peaceful and not let it get to me.

It went mostly ok, until today.
Well, yesterday.
Or more like the whole of last week.

Anyway, I am battling those holiday stress fatigue depression things that everyone else is battling so I’m sitting in bed with my laptop in the middle of the day.

I’m overwhelmed and unhappy.

I need cocoa with whip cream and sprinkles.

Next week is busy. Next week is the kids’ Christmas concert on two different days, one of which conflicts with hockey practice, Molly Day on Wednesday which is forecast with rain, and a grocery shopping trip I’ve been avoiding for two weeks.

And I have to wrap presents, send a letter I forgot to mail to Italy, and bake the rest of the cookies of the cinnamon hazelnut stars that are going to be oh so delish. Unless I burn them. (Note to self: set the timer)

I also have an out of town appointment on Thursday which will be my first day of having a few hours free of children and their endless obligations.

I’m hoping Sonja will calm down a bit. She managed to run into a piece of furniture I had to move to accommodate the tree, knocked over the half-decorated tree which made the water in the stand run under the couch, and break two ornaments.

It was an ACCIDENT is her mantra.

In order for her to calm down I have to demonstrate calm, which is going to be tough. But someone has to take the first step…certainly can’t expect the 4yo to do it.

Now, what’s for dinner?

It never ends.

Tis the season…

…..to be grumpy. Falalalalaaa blah blah blah.

DH went hunting. Hoping to bring home a deer.
What am I going to do with a deer?
He better not shoot a reindeer…

He said “you should get your licence and then we can do this together”.

He wants me to carry a weapon?


Not interested, anyway.

Off to hockey, post office, library, find a saw to chop some tree off, oh…and the liquor store. Yep. Must get some wine into this house.

bah humbug.