A new basement office, a trip to Ikea, and a tart

I dismantled a bed today. Its pieces are now in the van to be driven, along with the girl and her several suitcases, to my parents’ place after hockey on Saturday. She gets to sleep over and I get to redo a little room downstairs that used to function as a guest room. The bed’s going into my parents’ crawl space because I have no space for it here, and then I get to decorate the room. Continue reading

Ten things I noticed about myself while not blogging

Caution: consider this post conversational, not enlightening. I have no one else to talk to at the moment so here you go, internet, I have to get a few words out of my head. Let’s start with a list of things I noticed during my blogging hiatus: Continue reading

Lost stuff may as well be gone forever

Nothing is truly lost until mom can’t find it

No truer words have ever been written. I’m telling you right now, the state of my house has me at my absolute nervous-breakdown edge, and looking for lost stuff is what my daily life consists of. Continue reading

Backed-up sewers, home renovations, and assorted hoopla

So while many people deal with real tragedies you hear about in the media, like Newton, or murder-suicides where mothers kill their children and then themselves, or my sister’s friend who has a 5 year old with cancer, I deal with what may seem rather inconsequential, relatively speaking. I mean, it’s kind of annoying and bothersome and I have to hang around and put my life on hold all day to wait for people to show up at the house to deal with all the crap around here, and when they don’t show up and I have to go get kids in school or drop kids off at activities, it adds to the annoyance factor.

But they’re small issues compared to the big ones out there.

Still. Backed-up sewage and contamination requiring semi-major renovations after serious disinfecting activities, it’s not fun. Continue reading