Shoes, feet and shopping

On yesterday’s mid-season premier of The Walking Dead, Carl got into a situation with a walker who took his shoe.

This got me thinking of shoes, which got me thinking of shopping, which is not a thing I particularly enjoy. But, those damned kids feet keep growing and someone has to get them shoes, which is why today, I purposely picked a grocery store that is located adjacent, and sort of attached, to a mall.

outline of children's feet

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The trouble with coupons

Do you want to save money when you shop? How do you go about saving your money? Do you look for sales, shop at thrift stores, don’t shop at all, or clip coupons?

Shopping with coupons is one way of getting a better deal. The challenge however is to remember that you have the coupon handy when you need it.

I am eternally challenged with this coupon clipping. But I am also optimistic that proper coupon clipping and shopping will save me money. We’re looking at a pro and con situation here. Continue reading