Broken mirrors

Yesterday morning, the already cracked and broken mirror on the ancient medicine cabinet above the sink fell on top of my 9 year old son’s head.

Thank goodness he was neither hurt, nor cut. When I think of all the blood, or worse, that could have been if that mirror had fallen at an angle…

broken bathroom mirror

Basically what I’m saying is this house is trying to kill us.

(Renovations start in January based on final budgetary calculations.)

I have had no time. I have had no desire to do anything other than feel sorry for myself. I don’t bother cleaning anymore either unless it’s a quick wipe-up or vacuum just to keep my sanity intact a tad longer, but really, the motivation about this house has left me ages ago. And after interviewing and paying for and looking at designs by two architects we finally have made a decision and I think things are going to start rolling.

Right when the snow starts falling.

Right when the regular hockey season is doubling up with both practices and games.

Right when his work is more stressful and occupying than before.

Right before Christmas.

Whatever. Frankly, moving out of here can’t come soon enough. Which just adds another slog of things to the list: get a POD moving storage bin thingy delivered onto the driveway and fill it with essential items (about 25% of what is in this house, the rest….get out of my way while I purge, people, or ELSE…) and look for an apartment to stay in for three months.

Well, then again, maybe we’ll just pitch at tent at the rink…since we hardly ever seem to be anyplace else these days. 🙂


On the threshold of spring, we’re thinking renovations

It has begun. We are on the threshold of deciding what, if anything, we’re going to do with our house. The questions outweigh the answers at this point, but one thing is for sure: even if we ultimately decide to move, a certain amount of improvements and updating, if not downright replacing of certain items on the main floor is in dire need. So the hunt for answers has begun. Continue reading


Life is nuts.

Gonna get nuttier.






I will be back…can’t wait to come back.

But first…pause.


The end has come and we have arrived and as soon as I get locally grown strawberries and some chilled wine, I’ll be at the poolside.

Oh wait. It’s raining and cool. The humidex isn’t due back till Sunday-ish….

That’s ok. I’ll just engage in learning how to embrace the clutter and chaos. Sonja is doing a fine job starting: she is going through her poetry journal and re-singing or chanting all of it. I snuck behind her and filmed her cute little voice because how precious is that? She is reliving her two years of Kindergarten.

Ben is on the couch. In pjs. Playing some sort of fast-moving video game on his Nabi tablet. He wants the updated hockey version which costs money and I said no. Ha. So he went back on the couch and is playing some other fast-moving game. Whatever.

And DH is here instead of at the hunting club. Because of the rain.

First day of summer and we’re all lazying around. 🙂

Lost stuff may as well be gone forever

Nothing is truly lost until mom can’t find it

No truer words have ever been written. I’m telling you right now, the state of my house has me at my absolute nervous-breakdown edge, and looking for lost stuff is what my daily life consists of. Continue reading

Scheduled Canadian kids are not worse off than the unscheduled European ones

I have been thinking a lot about stress, scheduled kids, and why we North Americans may not necessarily be worse off than some of our European parent counterparts. There are many differences, and I can see clearly as a former European child that this is a true statement, at least how it pertains to my family.

I grew up as a completely unscheduled kid in Switzerland in the 70s, so I can relate on many levels what these articles, posts and books talk about when referencing the ‘relaxed parenting style’ of French or other European parents. But this does not mean I agree.

For one thing, we live in a completely different world today. Continue reading

Why I shop at stores that annoy me

They’re coming to Canada, if they’re not already here, and they’re everywhere else too.

Think…Walmart. Amongst Home Depot and a slew of others, as well as the newly arrived (or arriving?) Target.

I have mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand I don’t want to encourage their growth to the point where every city looks the same (even Bill Bryson mentions this in The Thunderbolt Kid). On the other hand….I shop there, at some of those stores. Sometimes.

I have mixed feelings about that, too. Continue reading