Daily rituals: eccentric or mundane?

I’ll tell you something about me. Some people may think I’m a bit, um…eccentric. Or maybe they use another word to describe me, like weird or crazy. You know, the usual.

Perhaps their interpretation of my eccentricities stems from me wanting to live my life a certain way and everyone else’s needs and wants throwing a wrench into my plans. Then I get all agitated and annoyed because their clutter is cluttering up my space and the housework is not done and the distractions, THEIR distractions, counter my productivity, and in the end I blame my procrastination on them.

Well, this morning prior to the children getting up, I sat on the couch with my coffee and read this: Continue reading

Starting off tired, and a little uneasy

When people hear me say that I have active kids I feel like they’re rolling their eyes at me, even when they’re not. Most people think their kids are active, so why would mine be more so?

I invite you to come to my house at any given time of day or non-sleeping part of evening and night and judge for yourself. Continue reading


I like working.

I do not like working only 90 minutes per day…alas, that is all I can do when the house is child free.

Having said that, I would not want to work 8 hours per day, either. I don’t think I can edit a manual for so many hours straight…after a while I cease to see things. Editing is tedious work, and time away from the words is essential. Attention to detail, catching non-standardized items across several chapter, it requires an alert brain.

My brain is not alert in the afternoon. Certainly not in the evenings…. Continue reading

Working at home part-time, aka WAHM

It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it.

I’m not sure about it, now that I’m doing it. It’s the ‘time’ factor I’m struggling with…

The ‘part-time’ word itself is loaded. It could mean so many things. For me, part-time means ‘work while both kids are out of the house’. Which theoretically is a grand idea…except my younger one is in Kindergarten and only half day and by 11:30 she is home and wants to eat and play and talk… Continue reading

Thoughts about work at home and food

One of the things I noticed since working this photography gig is that my metabolism has sped up.

I’m very aware of this because I used to be hypoglycemic, and if I got too much carbs/sugar into my system I would feel extremely tired to the point of wanting to sleep all the time. And never waking up refreshed. So I started paying attention to what I eat, when I eat, and how it affected me, and now I don’t even bother measuring my blood (like I used to, with a diabetic blood sugar measuring device).

True, my diet is much improved from my single days, which has been immensely helpful. All the post-pregnancy symptoms are gone too, what with nursing and adjusting and what have you. And although I still get lots of interruption while sleeping (toddler girl, insomnia, who the hell knows why else), I do feel mostly rested most days. Or, rested enough.

Juggling work from home and a family who is home as of lunchtime every day, is a challenge that’s evolved a bit. Before this job, I woke up with 11 things I had to think about and I would do them more or less as the day dictated. Now I wake up in the morning, and and HAVE to deal with the 11 immediate matters NOW or they won’t get done. Things like remembering it’s picture day at school, or to drop an extra pair of tights into Sonja’s bag in case of accidents, and to pick up stamps on the way home and do we have enough milk to last us through cranky time?

It’s a different ball game.

One that makes me hungry! (see above about the metabolism).

On tired days I feed this fatigue with a Halloween candy here, a cupcake there. Then I feel worse, because the refined sugar gives me a  temporary spike in energy and then a big slump that leaves me…irritable.

Taking time to cook and prep good meals and snacks has to fit into my priority list at the very top. Reaching for sugar is too easy, especially with Halloween-too-much-candy-in-the-house-November-cold-and-dark-gloomy-days-Christmas-coming-soon-with-sweets-and-cookies-Days.

Hearty soups are on the menu, with brown rice or quinoa or potatos and lots of veggies.

Quinoa salads, and beans, on top of fresh spinach salads.

Eggs. Eggs are good for you if you get good quality eggs with bright yellow yolks.

Baked beans. Ok, I put bacon and maple syrup in mine, but I don’t eat a heaping plate full of those. A couple of spoonfuls alongside a sunny-side-up egg with some whole wheat toast and I’m good to go till lunch! (I bake the beans in the crockpot and store them in the fridge).

Peanut butter. Cheese (in small doses).

All those items are high energy, and I don’t give two hoots about their calorie content. Why? Because I need calories to keep my energy levels up. It’s the KIND of calories I’m consuming.

Calories from REAL, WHOLE food.

On that note, off to steal a head of cabbage from my neighbour’s front yard to add to my lentil soup I’m about to make!

Where’s the….milk?

How can we be out of milk? We are never out of milk. We probably have more milk in this house than Amy with her cows and goats

This morning, I finally get those two little rascals to sit at the table for breakfast, half an hour later than usual (and in MY defense, I was just as organized as I always was) and they both want cereal.

Fine by me. Cereal is easier than toast.

Except…there is less than one serving of milk left. LESS.

How is this possible on THIS morning? THIS morning is my going-to-work-at-other-end-of-city morning.

DH was no help. He has jury duty and some  medical ailment and was preoccupied with that. He had already had his breakfast (cereal, yay), and he had to get ready for court so I was in charge of the kids.

And the milk.

Note – everyone was breakfasted, brushed and brushed, dressed and strapped in, and no one was late. Including me. I had a great time photographing construction work.

Those kids make me laugh…

…and cry…but I’m trying to focus on the funny stuff these days.

I”ve been kind of distracted lately. I have been working…well, sort of. Been working on a proposal to submit so I can get officially hired.

Imagine, Javamom might end up being a photographer of…ducts. And pipes. And wearing a hard hat and safety boots while taking pictures of ducts and pipes…

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

* * *

The other day I was going to pick up Benjamin at a friend’s house 5 blocks over. Sonja came with me, all proud to go visit Benjamin’s friend (who also has a toddler sister which as far as she was concerned was bonus).

As we were walking along the neighbourhood streets I tried to distract her incessant chatter by pointing out the beautiful coloured leaves on the trees. It was the most perfect afternoon. The sun was out, the temperatures were spring-like, and the colours above were intoxicating.

But that little SonjaBee just wouldn’t stop talking:

HerWhere is his house?

Me: It on Eighteenth Street.

HerWhere is Eighteenth Street?

Me:  It’s that way.

HerBut how do we get to Eighteenth Street?

Me:  We will walk along the bottom.

HerBut where IS the bottom?

I just had to laugh. She’s such a cutie in her quirky little way…

* * *

Benjamin too has these little sayings he comes up with. I don’t know if he misunderstands, mishears, or just mis-processes things when he hears about them.

He is usually a very attentive guy and likes order, and clear instructions. When asked to explain something he’s heard or learned somewhere, he’s usually not far from the proper definition of whatever the topic of conversation is.

But the other night I laughed at his misinterpretation. We were in my bed calming down from a busy weekend, and he had brought along his Lego Minifigures sticker book.

One page in this book was about the Star Wars Lego Minifigures. Some of them, like Darth Vader, had a sword-like weapon in his hand. This is how our conversation went:

Ben: Mommy I like his life saver.

Me: What life saver?

Ben: The one he has in his hand. He must be a bad guy, he has a life saver in his hand.

Me: That’s not a life saver. A life saver is a round candy with a hole in the middle. This sword-like weapon is called a Light Sabre.

Ben: …

Me: Can you say Light Sabre? It’s like a sword and they fight each other with it.

Ben: But I like calling it a life saver…

Ok then…

Another time we were walking home from school, just he and me, and he was telling me about a new word they learned in Kindergarten:

Ben: Today we learned what retirement means.

Me: What does retirement mean?

Ben: It means that a teacher doesn’t teach children anymore (referring to his teacher from last year who retired this year).

Me: Yes, that’s right. Mrs. B is no longer a teacher. She stopped working. She retired.

Ben: When teachers don’t teach anymore.

Me: But did you know it’s not just teachers that retire? Your Nonno and Grosmami have retired too. They don’t go to their work anymore, and they were not teachers.

Ben:(long pause)

Ben: I know what I’m going to retire from.

Me: What’s that?

Ben: I’m going to retire from talking to THAT SONJA!

Well if it were only that easy…

Javamom working…again?

Once upon a time someone offered me a proof-reading/editing job and a year later,  it actually happened. Well, part 1 of 2 happened…I’m still waiting on the second set of manuals to show up.

That’s ok. I can wait. I got paid very nicely for the first part.

In the meantime, someone else offered me a job, but interestingly, not in the writing field. They are a family member who run their own business and since they are privy to the many many many many photos I take of the kids, and catalog them online, and blog about them, they decided that perhaps I would like to come to the site and do some photography for them.

Tomorrow morning at 9 am I’m off to check it out.

Kinda excited…