Kid Sports

The kids are involved in House League hockey, Competitive (Select) hockey, Gymnastics, Swimming, T- and Baseball, as well as Tennis. They bike, hike, fish and canoe. They never stop moving…

But, we are a hockey family. Hockey starts in September and often goes until May (on the competitive side). This page collects the hockey posts in particular, but also mentions other, related, topics like coaching, or traveling to competitions, as well as the other activities the kids are involved in, and we have to parent.

Ultimately, all I can tell you is this:


*and this can be a good thing. 🙂


The ugly side of competitive sports – travel
Bickering: the official sound of the end of summer
It’s not back to school yet, but it’s back to hockey
Goodbye select hockey
Residual contact in high-speed sports
Letter from hockey coach to 8 year old hockey player
Scheduled Canadian kids are not worse off than the unscheduled European ones
Are all sports rigged?

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