And Halloween’s upon us

*Before you let your kids eat twizzlers, read this first.*

I woke up in a bad mood. My first thought was what a stupid holiday this Halloween thing is. With the rain, and forecast storm tonight, this whole trick or treating business will put a damper on the whole evening. (Get it? DAMPer? lol) Continue reading


The other day was a day full of mishaps. Nothing was going to be simple, strightforward, or easy. And it pretty much set the tone for the following couple of days. I’m still feeling the residual effects, truth be told.

It was one of those days where DH was actually home during the morning, which usually means I get to take my cuppa back to bed and read a page or two of a magazine or something. This blissful few minutes of peace never lasts long, but it’s a rare opportunity for me to, um, sleep in, I guess, even though it’s 6 am and still dark out.

Anyway, I reach for my cup on my bedside table, take a glorious sip, and while reading a recipe, put the cup back. Or so I thought.

Not only did it fall and spill all over the floor, it got part of the wall, an electrical outlet, the powerbar, the phone thingy that one sticks the phone cable into, and all the cables back there behind the bed.

Cleaning it up on less than a full cup of coffee, with the noise of the kids having breakfast with daddy who sits with them at the table but, ahem, reads the paper at the same time, was not helping the onset of a bad mood.

The fact that the crib is also in the already small bedroom makes moving furniture to clean rather frustrating. Sure, I can use vacuum attachments to get into tough, tight spots and suck up dust and dog hair, but a spill runs and stains and smells. Which means mommy is down on her hands and knees with paper towels.

Not. Happy.

But what to do but clean it up. I try to escape to the bathroom next so I can at least shower in peace (with a new cup of joe on the window sill), and what do I see? The toilet seat is broken. The fasteners holding it to the bowl are loose and the next person that will sit on it will inevitably do enough damage to break off the flimsy piece of plastic that is still holding it in place.

Better me than the 3yo, I guess, since if he falls into the toilet I’ll have more cleaning and laundry to do.

Later in the day, I forget to remove the dog’s water dish. The baby manages to go play with it and floods the kitchen floor. The dog’s dish isn’t far from the refridgerator, so naturally the doggiedrool water ends up running below it.

Note to self: invest in paper towel company. Or laundry detergent company.

I could go on about things like two baskets of clean laundry that have been sitting there waiting to be folded and put away, or the lack of organization due to recent paint projects, but the weather’s been fabulous, so I spent more time outside with the kids than I probably should have. The choice however was simple: enjoy the warmth and sunshine, let the kids run around while sitting and watching them (mostly), or stay indoors and clean stuff. And have the kids drive me batty.

Still…getting up every morning to these visual reminders hasn’t been very helpful in improving my mood.