Don’t flood the bathroom

Ben is close to 3 years old. So when it’s bath time, I don’t sit with him the entire time. I putter around nearby getting odds and ends done while I listen to him splash about.

On more than one occasion the bathroom floor was completely flooded. And for some reason, asking him not to do it again, and demonstrating how not to do it again, didn’t seem to sink in. (no pun intended)

Then it came to me. Take away a priviledge and see what happens.

“If I see one drop of water on the bathroom floor, no Mighty Machines for you tonight!”


“If I see one drop of water on the bathroom floor, no more Smarties!”

Something like that.

Seems to work.

Fast forward to today.

In a rare moment of peace in mid-afternoon, I took advantage and had a bath. The toddler was in his room playing with a fire station I had set up for him earlier, daddy was watching sports with the infant, the dog had been walked, and the dishes/laundry/housework could wait.

At some point while relaxing with a white face mask in the warm bath water, Benjamin comes in. He is very impressed with my little setup.

Then he points to the floor and says “no water on the bafroom floor or no Treehouse for you tonight!”


Bathtime fun with ice cubes continued

So tonight we used ice cubes which I made using food colour the night before.

I wasn’t sure if the food colour would stain the child, the tub, or me, so I gave him a few plastic containers in which I placed a red and a blue ice cube. Hoping that while they melted, the diluted solution wouldn’t stain as much.

hs_icecube1.jpg hs_icecube3.jpg hs_icecube2.jpg

Seems I worried for nothing.

The coloured water didn’t stain the tub, and there was ample time to play with the ice cubes before they melted.

We discovered two things:

    1. red and blue ice cubes make purple water
    2. ice cubes get smaller when they swim in water

He enjoyed this little lesson so much he requested green ice cubes.

It just so happens that I have yellow food colouring on hand…and some leftover blue icecubes…