I ponder what it might be like to live in a slapped together, cardboard townhouse with all the modern amenities.

When this cardboard townhouse falls apart due to lack of workmanship, I would simply move to another one. In some McSubdivision.

I’d drive a  McMinivan most likely.

Of course, if I’m living in such a McTownhouse I would be single with two kids.

This would not be too much of a foreign concept to me, truth be said. I’m single right now. Single with two kids. One who needs his nose wiped and one who is teething and whining.

Right now.

But I itch to paint.

I should paint.

I want to paint.

I can’t paint.

Because there is no one to watch the kiddies.

Not that I’m watching them either right now…I’m blogging. Pondering and blogging.

I ponder too if I should just contact a real estate agent. Have her assess this place to sell AS IS.

You know, like that IKEA ASIS section.

Put it up for sale, move into a new townhouse, and be done with it.

No more basement issues. No more painting issues. No more coordinating and trying to stay motivated, and motivate OTHER people to prime and paint and do stuff.


A non-post

Last night I was in bed thinking I should get up and make a note in my handy dandy little daytimer I confiscated from hubby about this awesome post I was going to write.

I didn’t.

Hence the title of this post.

I feel blah.

* * *

I used to have a food blog.

These days, by the time I remember to photograph the food I just cooked, the food isn’t photographable anymore.

* * *

I’m debating if I should re-join Costco or get a Sam’s Club membership.

Or both.

* * *

It’s January. Which means winter. This is Toronto. Which is in Canada.

Some people hate snow and cold weather.

I kind of miss the nice white stuff that made everything look so pristine.

Now all I see is gray, brown, yuck, dirt, blah.