Why I blog about my family

I would not be me in this current state if it wasn’t for them. They make me what, and who I am today because they are here. My kids are a part of me and therefore a part of my personality (and now a part of this blog).

I post on this blog because I need to say something about me. I do post about how the kids affect me, and because printed words written by me help me understand myself.

Thing is, I’m also a blog-reader. Continue reading

The point of keeping a blog

Is there a point to blogging?

I have recently come across this question by reading other blogs where people, fellow bloggers, struggle with this question. Some of them write about this struggle, but others, they simply abandon their blogs.

The lack of closure hurts me. Even though this is a ridiculous statement to make over a person whom I have never met, if I was a regular, or even semi-regular person reading their blog, with or without commenting, if they simply abandon it, I feel hurt and neglected. Continue reading

Daily rituals: eccentric or mundane?

I’ll tell you something about me. Some people may think I’m a bit, um…eccentric. Or maybe they use another word to describe me, like weird or crazy. You know, the usual.

Perhaps their interpretation of my eccentricities stems from me wanting to live my life a certain way and everyone else’s needs and wants throwing a wrench into my plans. Then I get all agitated and annoyed because their clutter is cluttering up my space and the housework is not done and the distractions, THEIR distractions, counter my productivity, and in the end I blame my procrastination on them.

Well, this morning prior to the children getting up, I sat on the couch with my coffee and read this: Continue reading

Why I’m on-again-off-again blogging about my life as a parent

The whole point of having a blog, for me, is to talk about what I’m feeling in a, hopefully, honest and humbling way. I have done this on two different blogs since my first child was a toddler, going on 6 years now.

But I get really passionate when I get down in the dumps. When I’m challenged beyond belief, when I can’t see straight, when I feel like I’m being judged every time I turn around (even if it’s not true), when misunderstandings abound….

The kids, my two wonderful and exasperating kids, are the light of my life. And I couldn’t do what I do without DH who is more hands on with the parenting than many others. But there it is. I get bogged down when he’s off pursuing his hobbies, usually in the great outdoors, and wonder if my brain will ever recover from parenting small children in a tiny house I can’t wait to leave.

I blog because I have to, for myself. Continue reading

Husbands of wives who blog*

*This may or may not apply to your or my DH .

Sometimes, husbands may utter a little remark which may or may not imply they are a tad, um, put out by their blogging wives.

Sometimes, husbands wonder silently, or out loud, why wives feel compelled to share their, what they may perceive as, mundane daily activities with internet strangers.

Sometimes, it is precisely that sentiment that sends the wife to the blogosphere.

This is also usually the reason why sometimes wives may not share all of their blogging adventures with their DHs.

Sometimes however, something controversial may happen out in the blogoshere. Controversial in the sense that it may affect someone you know personally, or through the blogosphere, in some way that may be a little bit disturbing. To them, and to you.

Sometimes, the blogging wife may share this controversy with her DH to make conversation. Sometimes, this results in eyerolling activities,  but it nevertheless sparks a little debate amongst DW and DH.

Sometimes the blogging wife may say to DH that there are various reasons why they feel the need to blog. Husband eyerolling episodes at mentions of support systems via the blogging world inevitably leaves the wife with her point. And causes her to go to the laptop to document this post.

*This post may or may not imply that at any given time, a DH may or may not support his blogging wife and her blogging activities.


A non-post

Last night I was in bed thinking I should get up and make a note in my handy dandy little daytimer I confiscated from hubby about this awesome post I was going to write.

I didn’t.

Hence the title of this post.

I feel blah.

* * *

I used to have a food blog.

These days, by the time I remember to photograph the food I just cooked, the food isn’t photographable anymore.

* * *

I’m debating if I should re-join Costco or get a Sam’s Club membership.

Or both.

* * *

It’s January. Which means winter. This is Toronto. Which is in Canada.

Some people hate snow and cold weather.

I kind of miss the nice white stuff that made everything look so pristine.

Now all I see is gray, brown, yuck, dirt, blah.