The thing about food for active kids

Food is a never-ending thing for families, isn’t it.  It actually registers pretty high on my radar of late, what with hockey- and gymnastics season started. Seems kids want to eat pretty much all the time, and most often they want snacks.

But, as I’m learning through research and inspiring recipe-googling, I discovered that Continue reading



I’ve decided that I am fat. Even though I still fit into my jeans, I am still fat. I am not happy about my abdominal area (and yes, I realize that many women who have had babies feel the same way).

But I am a hungry unhappy chick. Which is why I’m on this rampage now. Rampage to stock my fridge with precut veggies and bean/pea/lentil type salads. Because they are filling, high in protein, and will satisfy my cravings to some degree.

For instance, I can eat the above pictured chickpea salad as is in a bowl with a spoon, stuff it into a whole wheat pita, roll it into a whole wheat tortilla, or mix it with more greens and make it part of a salad plate. It’s healthy, it’s fairly filling, it’s tasty, and I won’t reach for the other stuff.

Here’s the recipe:

can of chickpeas
handfuls of cut veggies like cucumber, cherry tomatos (you can add peppers if you like)
handful of chopped salad greens (I used romaine hearts, but spinach is just as good)
1/2 tsp sea salt
some pepper
1 tsp of dijon mustard
1 tbsp white whine vinegar
2 tbsp of olive oil

Rinse the chickpeas well under cold water to remove excess salt and place in a  bowl.
Add chopped veggies and salad greens.
Mix salt and pepper with the vinegar to disolve the salt, then add the mustard and oil.
Pour dressing over chickpea mixture, stir, and enjoy.