Who’s knocking on the door?

So there’s a thing about me you may not know.

I can barely see.

Oh, I can see fine when I have my contacts in, and like all moms, I have eyes on the back of my head which renders me to see who swiped the last cookie or who hid the homework sheet behind the dresser so as to appear like a homework-less child. I can see those things just fine, and I don’t even need glasses. Continue reading

Morning lists, and other drivel

Did I mention we are going to renovate this house? Well, we are now talking MAJOR, as in second story on top of bungalow. (Talking, not confirmed.)

Did I mention my kid is getting recruited by at least two (as far as I know) coaches from Single A hockey? He’s not even 9 yet…but, at the same time, if this reno will happen, not sure if we need to rush his, um, professional development in hockey just yet. Won’t be able to afford that and a new house…

Did I mention the polar vortex is causing my house to look like a pigsty? Or, rather, a college dorm room? BLAH.

Did I mention my first born is almost 9? Less than two weeks, and I will have a tween on my hands. I am looking forward to it. I think. Maybe. Knockonwood. He’s a great kid, and will only get greater as time goes on. Yep. That is the story I’m sticking to right now.

Did I mention that grade 3 is causing me grey hair? And wrinkles? And digestive problems? I have a meeting with the teacher tonight, see if he can clarify some of my confusion. Perhaps I will post something along the lines again, perhaps not. But school is always on my mind, and not in a good way. SIGH.

Now, to lighten the mood, I have two little lists my 6 year old wrote to show you.  I am one of those parents who does it wrong…I repeat myself too many times, and then I turn into a drill sargent, or shepherd, or something like that, all in the name of getting those two monkeys out of the house and to school on time. The deep freeze hasn’t helped as some days it is too cold to walk the five blocks, which we really miss because a walk to school helps to burn some of their energy…but alas, winter decided to stick around for a while, so we’ll just have to wing it. But Sonja, hearing me complain about how often I have to say the same thing each morning, went and wrote two lists of things to do before school. They are posted below for your enjoyment.

Morning list by 6 year old for herselfMorning list by 6 year old for her 8 year old brother

Should a mom teach family members “how to be me”?

Ha. As if…

Sometimes, I fantasize about what I feel life around here should be like. I have this image in my head where everything has a place, everyone is doing what they’re supposed to be doing, everyone is mutually respectful of one another…

As if…

I am rarely, if ever, absent from home or from the kids. I plan my stuff around when the kids are in school, and I have to admit that my life has become easier with both kids in school full time. I do get a few hours of family-free time and some days I cocoon myself in my four walls and shut off everything so I can hear myself think. In return I am better able to handle their incessant noise when they do come home, and even enjoy it. They are active, healthy and mostly happy kids…and I don’t want to miss out on their quirkiness. It’s been a long road, but  I think we’re there…sort of. Like I said, I have time to hear myself think most days…

What a concept. Continue reading

The thing about food for active kids

Food is a never-ending thing for families, isn’t it.  It actually registers pretty high on my radar of late, what with hockey- and gymnastics season started. Seems kids want to eat pretty much all the time, and most often they want snacks.

But, as I’m learning through research and inspiring recipe-googling, I discovered that Continue reading

Introducing Charlie C

Hello, my name is Charlie Chaplin and I now belong to Casa Javaline. So far, that girl is my favorite, she feeds me yummy veggies. The boy could however become my favorite too because he is much quieter than the girl….unless he’s whacking some sort of round thing around with a stick that has a weird hook at the bottom of it. They call it a hockey stick. One day I’d like to nibble on it, see what all the fuss is.


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