Taking it day by day

I’m not feeling the spirit here. But that’s ok because there is plenty of other things that are keeping me busy.  Some are holiday related, some are weather related, some are school related, and there’s some hockey related business as well (because, of course there is). Ultimately, we just wing it, and figure it out day by day. Doesn’t everyone do that at this time of year? Continue reading

Merry hockey, er, I mean, Christmas

Today is the last game for the House League team.

Tomorrow is the last practice for the House League team. The practice conflicts with an invite from an out-of-towner to play road hockey on his mom’s tennis court. To which the kids want to go, of course.

During the two Xmas days there will be skating. Or shinny. Or both.

Immediately after Xmas, on Boxing Day, starts the Select Tournament. He plays every day except one day between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve.

So…if I’m not at someone’s house stuffing my face, I’ll be at the rink.


Crappy Sunday, quite literally

I kept the tv off as much as I could. I avoided Twitter like the plague. I don’t want to hear about innocent children getting murdered, so I try to hug mine a little closer (as long as their faces turn the other way so I don’t get covered in nose-slime or cough-phlegm) and get on with whatever it is we do around here.

I cry when no one is looking. Then I distract myself and go about my day.

So I’m battling the lineups at Walmart (I hate Walmart) so I can get photos printed (I don’t hate Walmart for that) and I get a text just as I’m finishing up at the cashier. Pick up paper towels, rubber gloves and disinfectant.

No way I’m going back into Walmart now that I just finished. Besides, didn’t I just buy a carload of paper towels? And there are rubber gloves in three places at home. And two cans of disinfectant too. Am I the only one in the house who knows where we store stuff?

I get home. He’s covered in icky stuff. He doesn’t look happy. Continue reading

When one is cranky…

…everything is irritating.

  1. The light that shines in my face from the sun positioned just so that I would have to move my chair and the laptop and the cable to another location. Too much effort. STOP IT SUN.
  2. The mud in my house. STOP IT BEN.
  3. The meltdowns about inconsequential things like the wrong sized noodles in the soup. IT’S MADE OF THE SAME INGREDIENTS!
  4. Talking. EVERYONE STOP TALKING. Especially TO or AT me.
  5. Christmas without snow. Christmas shopping. Christmas cooking. Christmas in general.


On my mind: purging

So much so that I started a new blog with a neighbour:


Time will tell if we can practice what we preach. Today I came up with 6 easy steps on how NOT to start the cleanup, and I’m currently stuck on step 5…

Every year I go through this. I think of what it would have been like had we moved, had we renovated differently, had we bought more functional furniture, but alas, I am not alone. Not in this neighbourhood.  We all share similar complaints: the houses are old, they are not built for today’s contemporary lifestyles full of electronic gadgets, they don’t have enough closet space, insulation, space..

But as one of my family members pointed out the other day, our house may be small, but it’s a happy house. The kids are happy surrounded by their stuff, and I…well, I’m stuck on step 5.

Happy Boxing day! Try not to shop for more stuff (is my advice).



Why the holidays make us…


That’s too simplistic, actually. Because many of us feel a wide range of emotions, and crazy is just one fraction of it. A recurring fraction, but nevertheless.

Quite a few bloggers whom I frequent semi-regularly are either posting that they will slow down in December, or are simply dropping off all together. The content I’m used to by some of these women is much less, um, stimulating, and I completely understand why. Heck, I often feel the same way!

Blogging, which normally is a joy for most of us, becomes yet another obligation to tend to, and many of us simply feel dried up. Depleted, as it were.

Christmastime in North America, and probably in many western societies today, is becoming more commercialized with every passing year. I didn’t think it was possible to get MORE commercialized back in the days when we didn’t have children yet, and yet today, it’s definitely worse. It appears that when we’re suffering from ‘economic downturns’ (or other politically-created statements of such sorts), the holiday dial is turned up a notch. Or two. Christmas in these parts starts prior to Halloween.  The message is clear:

Shopping! Buy stuff! Sales! Buy more stuff!

My friend over in Germany and I go through our usual ups and downs practically every month or so. The reasons are emotional, hormonal, sometimes everyone else’s fault, sometimes our own. We manage to come back up after a dip down, and I credit her to helping me get back up more than I credit anyone else, including myself (sorry, don’t mean to put additional pressure on you my friend!). But we seem to be more on edge, more distracted, and much less enthusiastic in the weeks leading up to Christmas than we normally are.

The point is, this time of year seems to make many of us feel depressed, lost, tired, frazzled, overwhelmed and, as I said, crazy.

What do I do when I feel crazy? One thing I do is I move the furniture around. Sometimes I move it back to how it was before.

This doesn’t necessarily make me feel better, but it keeps me busy so that I don’t eat too much chocolate drink too much wine get depressed. Or more depressed.

So today I moved some furniture around this place we call home.

Except, now I feel more crazy than I did before I moved the furniture around because the stupid Ikea table I moved from over there to over here is wobbly. Everytime I type a word with an e in it, the table shakes.

P.rhaps I should just .liminat. th. l.tt.r . and s.. if that h.lps.

Nope. Didn’t help.

Where was I? Oh yes, Christmas.

A few days ago I got caught up in the kids’ excitement about decorating the front porch with blue Christmas lights. Normally I can’t even look at anything Christmas related until at least “Samichlaustag“, which in Switzerland is on December 6. But each year, the children are getting older, and although they are still very young, they get more excited about glitter and shiny ornaments and electric lights than the year before.

My excuse is you gotta hang the outdoor lights before it gets too cold.

And that blue glow on a dark and gloomy November evening is kind of heartwarming, actually.


Christmastime, or the politically correct (and very annoying) ‘the holidays’ make us crazy.

Lets hope DH didn’t forget to drop by the liquor store and buy me some nice wine for tonight. On the menu: lasagna, and meatballs with pasta (because the lasagna is only two servings, and the kids love meatballs with their pasta).

Merry holidays.