It’s too cold to move, so I just eat

This cold snap is making me eat. Because of the cold I drive the kids to and from school. I miss walking…

(Picture: Thick layer of ice on the screen door. Can’t even see outside.)

033We don’t have the dog, either, on our designated dog sitting day, because I have to be around for basement work that is supposed to be happening (but hasn’t, yet). (Insurance, helllllooooo??? You said you would call us with the quote…).

Our walks to and from school always take longer with the kids because they, not unlike dogs, do not walk a straight line between A and B (where A is home and B is school). They have to stop to inspect stuff, bend down to look under stuff, climb stuff, walk back to pick up stuff, pet stuff, collect stuff, fight a little, skip and jump. And that is A-OKAY with  me.

(Picture: Lake Ontario with a snow squall over on the USA side, and ‘warm’ water rising in the frigid air above.)


Except, now, I just sit. I sit in the car, I sit at home. I sit and sit and sit.

And I eat.

Chocolate from Christmas.
Bacon sandwiches without mayo because we are out of mayo.
Moose salami.
Cheese and crackers.
Marinated olives. YUM.

And a gazillion other snacks, meals and everything in between.

I can feel my waist expanding, but I’m wearing loose clothing right now because I have to wear long johns. Even the 5 minutes I stand outside waiting for the Kindergarteners to come out is unpleasant without proper clothing to keep me from freezing to death.

The tights, long-johns and loose fleece pants I wear do not help me recognize my expanding waist. But I know it’s happening….I can see it. In the shower. In the mirror.


It’s cold out there…all I want to do is sit some more, have some tea, and “pass the pastry, please, my way”.

How to dispose of used tissues and other rants

Currently, we have stacks and stacks of this in our house:


Perhaps it’s time to buy stock in this company.

Anyway, as I’m sneezing away, I’m constantly nagging the 3yo to PUT THE USED TISSUE in the compost and not LEAVE IT LYING AROUND FOR THE BABY TO SUCK ON already.

He forgets. Or is too lazy or sick to walk to the kitchen compost container.

So I invented a new method for tissue disposal.

When you empty out a box of kleenex, keep it next to the new, full box. Upon sneezing and wiping your icky nose, simply dispose of the used tissue into the empty box. It’s right there beside the full one.

He does that.

So now we have a box of full and a box of used tissues strategically placed on every hard surface high enough to be out of reach of the tot.

* * *

I’m having some difficulties getting into the Xmas spirit. Firstly, because the tree’s been up since early December. I never do the decorating that early, but Benjamin was so excited about it that I indulged him. Now, I’m sick of looking at the cramped space in my livingroom because our pretty tree is taking up so much space. And that’s without any presents under it yet!

Secondly, we’ve been baking cookies. I don’t like baking, and I especially dislike baking Xmas cookies. And now with the preschooler, we have to put colourful sprinkles on them…blah. I don’t like candy-type cookies. He likes them even more so…

I’d rather drink wine. Or eat these:



Thirdly, my aunt in Switzerland sent us a Xmas card that MAKES MUSIC. Benjamin loves it. He carries the card around the house, leaves it opened up in front of his stuffed toys, and lets the toy cars “look” at the funky little red light inside the card. It plays, too fast if you ask me, “Santa Claus is coming to town” and “We wish you a merry Xmas” incessantly. Over and over again.

Bah humbug.

When water freezes

I let a perfectly fun and easy science project go ignored today due to my chaotic household.

If you read this blog regularly you may recall that we are renovating our basement and are hence living with some disruption on our main floor. But that’s another day’s rant.

Anyway, Benjamin and I were going to the store this morning to buy milk.

We were going on foot. But it was very cold outside. So cold that we both wore longjohns, scarfs, insulated winter boots, and all the other stuff that comes with winter living.

As I’m getting myself ready, Benjamin is standing at the front door. The door is open but the screen door is closed, and he is what appears to be watching the street.

Except he wasn’t. He was looking at one of the window panes on the screen door.

Mommy, what’s that?

I took a look and saw some interestingly formed ice on the window pane.

A million thoughts went through my head. How could I encourage this little question into more questions? How interesting would it be, even at this age, to teach him visually about water and ice and how all that happens?

But I didn’t. I simply answered his question briefly, and made a mental note to revisit this another time. We had to get milk. We had to get back quickly because daddy needed to go to work. Because I needed to nurse in about a half an hour. Because Benjamin is a little bit sick and had a runny nose and I wanted him to be well enough to go to school tomorrow so he needed to rest. And I needed to vacuum. And clean the bathroom. Before I end up committing myself to the looney bin. Because this place is a MESS.

Honestly. I reached my limit.

Instead of experimenting science with my tot, I am jotting down my little anecdote into my blog. This will function as my reminder. It’s only January after all. Deep freezes will remain and come back several times before spring announces itself.

And next time, I’ll be ready.

Ready with a jug of water, a plastic container, and an egg timer.

So we can go check what happens to water on the back porch when it’s that cold outside.

Or in the freezer for that matter.

Hard to believe

What does this


have to do with this?


The bottom picture is my furnace. For those who do not have experience with furnaces, or don’t even know what one looks like, let me tell you this: this is not a normal furnace. It’s supposed to have a door covering all those wires sticking out. And the tools lying in front of it….not normal.

My furnace broke last night. It was cold and all the remaining snow outside is now frozen. Having no furnace to heat the house with a sick toddler and a newborn baby is, um, fun. I got space heaters blowing hot air all over the place. Wonder what my electricity bill will look like for this month.

The first picture is of a normal looking wasp. The wasps we found yesterday in the broken part of the furnace did not look like this. They looked, um, fried. Or bbq-ed. Because you see, they managed to get into the furnace from the chimney during the summer and make a nest in there.

The part we need to fix the furnace is coming from across the border. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week.

It promises to be an interesting week…

Ironically, this exact thing has happened to me two winters ago when the first kid was an infant…

This is becoming a new tradition for our family.