Cooking when under the winter-blah spell

The amount of time it takes to cook nutritious food for a family is enormous. Add to that the time it takes to grocery shop and I can appreciate all the business ideas on how to make things easier, and faster. Grocery delivery services, organic box deliveries chock full of vegetables and fruit (I use Front Door Organics), fully cooked and prepared meals to pick up and take home (roast chicken comes to mind), and of course the various take-out options so many of us use at least occasionally. Continue reading

The thing about my lunch

I could write several posts about the kids’ lunches, but I won’t. Who needs to endure my kids’ [occasional] ordeal when you have your own to deal with? I mean, most likely you have a kid food story to tell. Most people I know, or talk to, or read about, have had some issue with the school lunch situation at some point.

But this post is about is MY lunch. Or my lack of lunch. Continue reading

One step closer to fall…and fresh salmon on the BBQ

The checks for hockey school have cleared the account.

We are one step closer to back to school and activity and routine and schedules, and it makes me hyperventilate.

It’s JULY. I’m in vacation mode here…


* * *

In other news, I made this for dinner the other night:

fresh salmon with herbs

fresh salmon with herbs

I have lemon verbena, lemon thyme and orange mint in the garden. I wrapped the salmon tight with foil after sprinkling it with sea salt, pepper and dill seed, and bbq-ed it for about 10 minutes. Then I decorated it with fresh herbs including parsley. The hint of citrus was very appealing and the entire family ate it. Delicious!

BBQ salmon with herbs

BBQ salmon with citrus scented herbs and parsley


Bad mood

Like some other people, I don’t bake much. (Andrea @missfish comes to mind, I think Sharon @SharonDV too said something to that effect at some point)…it has to do with measuring and exact amounts. Not me, at least not in the kitchen.

But I am in a blah, horrible, depressed, icky mood so I baked cookies. Then I ate one, and it wasn’t baked long enough (even though I followed the instructions exactly).

So then I ate another one. And stuck the rest of them back in the oven. Continue reading

Healthy eating with meat

The problem with the Paleo diet is that we are in endless need of meat.

He’s the one on the diet, but since I have to feed him AND us, I may as well cook accordingly…

Sure we have a freezer full of venison, some of which I do eat even though I’m not crazy for venison in general, but really I can only eat so many beef/pork/venison burgers or meatballs before getting bored (or sick of it).

We used to have a butcher. He died. We no longer have chicken from the Mennonite farm he used to get it from, nor eggs. We no longer have his awesome sausages. We have to shop for meat at other stores that serve organic, or at least pasture-fed, humanely raised meat-animals.

Beretta Organic Farms sells at Wholefoods and at Loblaws, even. So that’s one option, but that means get in the car and drive a distance. I’m a local kinda gal. I prefer doing my shopping close to home, if possible. So I either make the trip once or twice a month and spend a small fortune to fill the freezer, or I order via mom who passes Wholefoods on her way to visit us once a week.

Once upon a time we knew a guy whose parents had a hobby farm. They sold us a half a cow and we were happy! They also had a few chickens, eggs and a bunch of yummy squashes…but that freezer full of various cuts of beef was heavenly. So easy to plan meals! I will have to make the effort to find someone who sells us half a cow again.

While trying to accommodate his paleo needs, I have found that eating less grain in general (even though most of our grain is whole grain) has helped me in terms of battling mid-afternoon fatigue. But to say it’s challenging to cook this way in winter when most of the fruit and veg is imported, greenhoused, and mediocre at best in terms of taste, is pretty much an understatement.

Which brings us to the fantastic weather we’ve been having over the past few weeks. WARM, sunny, and if I stick my finger in the soil of my garden beds, I can feel it move. The soil! It moves! This normally doesn’t happen until May in these parts. Usually the soil is cold and clumpy, frozen even.

So the itch to sow a few seeds that can handle frost has taken me over. I’m thinking arugula, which can be eaten both raw in salads or cooked. The parsley and chives are poking through already too, and are ready for snipping to add to salads and sandwiches. Or on top of eggs.

In the meantime, I dug out a package of chicken and two turkey legs out of the freezer. The turkey legs are bigger so I put them in the crockpot with some orange slices, and the chicken will be defrosted in time to bbq later. Dinner for tonight is covered.

Don’t ask me what to make tomorrow.

Expanding waistline

That’s weird. It’s summer. I’m eating more salad stuff and veg stuff and what. Meat? Maybe it’s the meat?

My tummy area is expanding. Sucking it in is not really making a difference in my mirror profile. I gotta wear bathing suits for crying out loud…

Could be the wine.
Probably is the wine.
I don’t eat big portions of meat…


So I decided to treat my expansion with: Continue reading