Cooking when under the winter-blah spell

The amount of time it takes to cook nutritious food for a family is enormous. Add to that the time it takes to grocery shop and I can appreciate all the business ideas on how to make things easier, and faster. Grocery delivery services, organic box deliveries chock full of vegetables and fruit (I use Front Door Organics), fully cooked and prepared meals to pick up and take home (roast chicken comes to mind), and of course the various take-out options so many of us use at least occasionally. Continue reading

The thing about my lunch

I could write several posts about the kids’ lunches, but I won’t. Who needs to endure my kids’ [occasional] ordeal when you have your own to deal with? I mean, most likely you have a kid food story to tell. Most people I know, or talk to, or read about, have had some issue with the school lunch situation at some point.

But this post is about is MY lunch. Or my lack of lunch. Continue reading

One step closer to fall…and fresh salmon on the BBQ

The checks for hockey school have cleared the account.

We are one step closer to back to school and activity and routine and schedules, and it makes me hyperventilate.

It’s JULY. I’m in vacation mode here…


* * *

In other news, I made this for dinner the other night:

fresh salmon with herbs

fresh salmon with herbs

I have lemon verbena, lemon thyme and orange mint in the garden. I wrapped the salmon tight with foil after sprinkling it with sea salt, pepper and dill seed, and bbq-ed it for about 10 minutes. Then I decorated it with fresh herbs including parsley. The hint of citrus was very appealing and the entire family ate it. Delicious!

BBQ salmon with herbs

BBQ salmon with citrus scented herbs and parsley