Product review – Ikea Dignitet wire curtain rods

Well, I highly recommend these for odd-shaped windows like bay windows. They were affordable, easy to install, and look nice.



In this last image you can see on the far left a larger rod along the wire curtain. This rod is used to adjust the tension. Having had these curtains up for a few months now, there is a natural tendency for the curtains to sag a bit over time. That, and the fact that the kids sometimes play behind the curtains, pulling on them. I found that simply adjusting the tension using this rod quickly fixed the sagging issue.

I’m happy with this product.

The various shades of green

I really like this colour. Although it goes on darker than the little paint chip sample thingy. But that’s ok. I wanted colour in the basement, even though there will be lots of  natural light coming in.

This colour reminds me of spring herbs.


This colour reminds him of lime.

I offered to go a shade lighter, or different altogether, but he says he doesn’t care.