Wineless Wednesdays

Susan is a funny chick. I go read her blog every once in a while and she makes me giggle.

Seems she likes her cocktails. And her wine. In fact, in one of her posts she specifically said that during a 30-day thing she “did not have a single drink and gained three pounds. Apparently sitting on my ass drinking was what kept me thin”.


So what’s a girl to do? I went and made a comment, naturally. In which I said “perhaps my inclusion of cheese with my wine is what makes the pants feel tight-er”.

Turns out that Susan too likes cheese!

I raise my glass to Oklahoma City all the way from Toronto! Cheers!!

All this drinking drama may make it sound like we’re a bunch of alkies. Let me assure you nothing is further from the truth. Although there are times when the idea behind NOT pouring that second drink is not that appealing given the alternative. Say after a 4-hour car drive with a cranky toddler and a 4 year old.

I’m just sayin’.

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Drink water


We all need to drink water. Fresh, clean, good water.

But most of us forget to drink water as often as we should. Well…fear no more.  There’s someone tweeting every hour about this very topic…

So if you’re thirsty, drink some water now!

And if you want to be reminded to drink water before you get thirsty, go here.