Halloween candy, allergies and other preoccupations

I think most people agree that life-threatening allergies, or any allergies, are scary. They are scariest when the child is young and dependent but continues to be scary as the child grows and venture out into the world, sometimes on his own. Children with allergies have a special need of sorts, but in today’s society are somewhat protected in most public places like schools, or activity centres. The protection however is limited, as we all know. For parents with kids who suffer from nut allergies, for example, food dangers prevail through their entire childhood and beyond. One must maintain a vigilant eye at places like the rink or playground which are not necessarily designated as nut-free.

Point is, families with allergies adhere to a life of rules specific to their needs (just as families with a child in a wheelchair, or visual impairment, adapt to their own specific set of rules). Continue reading

Food dyes in cereal

Back around Valentine’s day I wrote a post about the crap they put in candies, such as Twizzlers. You can read it here.

Yesterday, the National Post had a blurb about food dyes in breakfast cereals such as Lucky Charms in their financial post section, taken from Bloomberg News. It talks about food dyes affecting kids’ behaviour.

Also yesterday, my neighbour and I talked about food colour in things like icing on cupcakes. Neither she nor I enjoy blue or green icing, unless it’s made with a natural substance such as blueberries for the blue colour, for example.

It never ceases to astonish me how much mostly unidentifyable crap we put in our bodies in the nation…





Candy crap

Or crappy candy?

So Valentine’s Day has come and gone. And as usual, Benjamin got all kinds of candy. He got other things too, non-edible items, but there was plenty candy to go around.

I placed it all in a jar and allowed him to choose one candy after lunch. The others I’ll use as incentive to keep the pooping in the toilet momentum. Or until he loses interest in the candy. He doesn’t ask for candy much if he can’t see it, and since we keep little of it in the house, other than good quality, dark chocolate, it’s not a huge problem. And he knows he has to brush his teeth extra-well when he eats sticky candies.


But back to the crappy candy. Benjamin chose a  Twizzler today. This one says Strawberry in large letters, and underneath it it says flavoured candy in smaller letters.

Intrigued by the flavoured part, I turned the wrapper around.

Here’s the list of ingredients that make up this candy, in order:

Corn syrup
Liquid sugar
Wheat flour
Corn starch
Palm oil
Soybean oil
Modified palm oil
Artificial Flavour
Citric Acid
Mineral Oil
Potassium Sorbate
Soy lecithin

So let’s go google some of this stuff:

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