Free-flowing creativity doesn’t need a search engine

I sometimes wonder if the internet actually does the opposite of inspire…especially when it comes to creativity.

We all seem so taken with the internet…don’t know something? Type it into a search engine. Want to be inspired? Check Pinterest (or whatever). Feel like procrastinating? Social media.

But when it comes to actually creating something artistic, frankly, I don’t feel like we need to do any Google searches at all. Especially when it comes to the imagination of children. Let them think up their own thing, and create freely and without the constraints of someone’s preconceived idea. Continue reading

Merry hockey, er, I mean, Christmas

Today is the last game for the House League team.

Tomorrow is the last practice for the House League team. The practice conflicts with an invite from an out-of-towner to play road hockey on his mom’s tennis court. To which the kids want to go, of course.

During the two Xmas days there will be skating. Or shinny. Or both.

Immediately after Xmas, on Boxing Day, starts the Select Tournament. He plays every day except one day between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve.

So…if I’m not at someone’s house stuffing my face, I’ll be at the rink.