Paper or e-bills? My tips on how to reduce the volume of paper in your house

I lose many battles in this house, but no battle irritates me more than the endlessness of incoming paper.


The paper that enters my, and most everyone’s house includes, but is not limited to: Continue reading

Should a mom teach family members “how to be me”?

Ha. As if…

Sometimes, I fantasize about what I feel life around here should be like. I have this image in my head where everything has a place, everyone is doing what they’re supposed to be doing, everyone is mutually respectful of one another…

As if…

I am rarely, if ever, absent from home or from the kids. I plan my stuff around when the kids are in school, and I have to admit that my life has become easier with both kids in school full time. I do get a few hours of family-free time and some days I cocoon myself in my four walls and shut off everything so I can hear myself think. In return I am better able to handle their incessant noise when they do come home, and even enjoy it. They are active, healthy and mostly happy kids…and I don’t want to miss out on their quirkiness. It’s been a long road, but  I think we’re there…sort of. Like I said, I have time to hear myself think most days…

What a concept. Continue reading

A day in the life of…household chores

Sometimes I wonder why I get nothing accomplished, especially things that are not part of the daily household chores. There are endless items that need purging and sorting in the basement, and I just can’t seem to get to it. Perhaps I let myself get distracted too easily.

For example, I get up on Saturday morning, look at the weather and the weather report, determine that there’s an at least 50% chance activities are canceled for the day, and plan on sorting tools in our renovated basement that still requires putting back together after the renovations were completed. The sooner I get that basement purged and re-organized the better mood I will be in, I tell myself.

So this is what happens with my good intentions, in order and self-dialogue: Continue reading