When water freezes

I let a perfectly fun and easy science project go ignored today due to my chaotic household.

If you read this blog regularly you may recall that we are renovating our basement and are hence living with some disruption on our main floor. But that’s another day’s rant.

Anyway, Benjamin and I were going to the store this morning to buy milk.

We were going on foot. But it was very cold outside. So cold that we both wore longjohns, scarfs, insulated winter boots, and all the other stuff that comes with winter living.

As I’m getting myself ready, Benjamin is standing at the front door. The door is open but the screen door is closed, and he is what appears to be watching the street.

Except he wasn’t. He was looking at one of the window panes on the screen door.

Mommy, what’s that?

I took a look and saw some interestingly formed ice on the window pane.

A million thoughts went through my head. How could I encourage this little question into more questions? How interesting would it be, even at this age, to teach him visually about water and ice and how all that happens?

But I didn’t. I simply answered his question briefly, and made a mental note to revisit this another time. We had to get milk. We had to get back quickly because daddy needed to go to work. Because I needed to nurse in about a half an hour. Because Benjamin is a little bit sick and had a runny nose and I wanted him to be well enough to go to school tomorrow so he needed to rest. And I needed to vacuum. And clean the bathroom. Before I end up committing myself to the looney bin. Because this place is a MESS.

Honestly. I reached my limit.

Instead of experimenting science with my tot, I am jotting down my little anecdote into my blog. This will function as my reminder. It’s only January after all. Deep freezes will remain and come back several times before spring announces itself.

And next time, I’ll be ready.

Ready with a jug of water, a plastic container, and an egg timer.

So we can go check what happens to water on the back porch when it’s that cold outside.

Or in the freezer for that matter.

Here we go…


He’s 2 and a half.

So far we’ve spent:

$50 for the helmet
$10 for the double bladed skates which daddy has now declared useless
$30 for used Bauer skates (pictured)

The stick was a gift.
He’s got hockey jerseys and other clothing, including undergarments, also gifts.

But I am anticipating some cost increases, like:

-skates (kid feet grow quickly)
-skating lessons in the not too distant future
-protective gear

And that’s just the beginning. Like I said before: he’s not even 3 yet.