Public school isn’t free

In case you were wondering.

Oh no. It’s not free at all. It’s actually astonishing just how much they push these kids toward this idea of getting mom and dad to spend money.

Oh, it’s always for a good cause. Or for a good charity. Or for the benefit of the school. Or any other such thing.

But it’s still all about money.

Less than a month since my 4 year old started Junior Kindergarten, we are invited to the open house.

I asked Benjamin if he knew what an open house was. I wondered what, if anything, the teacher might have mentioned to the kids.

Benjamin said “oh yes, the open house is when we go shopping for books in the library”.


I realized later that he meant the book fair hosted by Scholastic. He brought home a “wish list” where he was encouraged to “shop” for books and have the teacher send the list home to the parents so that the parents “can decided” whether to purchase the books on the wish list, or not. It’s totally the parents’ ultimate decision, of course. No pressure. They’re just helping along with the decision making.

The majority of books in the advertisement attached to the wish list were, according to my own humble opinion, crap. Really. A lot of it was Nickelodeon advertisement. The book Ben picked wasn’t on their ad, but it’s a title I recognized. He had taken that book out of the library once or twice before. I see no reason to pick up this book for $4.50 no matter how good a deal it is.

Encouraging small children to shop for books in a school library, getting them to push the parents to purchase those books for them, and then feeling like they have done good because they have succeeded in getting a child “interested in books”, and then letting the parents be the “bad guy” for not agreeing to purchase said books, is just not what I have envisioned public school to be like.

Especially not in the Junior Kindergarten scene.

School’s out….

…or, is it just about to begin?


source: psychologytoday

We got our first letter confirming attendance for a morning Junior Kindergarten class starting September 8.

My little guy is going to Kindergarten!

What will the year bring? Will he like it? Will he adjust to five mornings of public school?

In a way, I’m excited. But I’m also terrified. I have so many questions.

At least I have options should things not work out. I live in a country where I can pull my kid out of class and homeschool him. This is not an option I shy away from, although I have not given it enough thought to actually consider it, at this point.

I’m going to focus on the positive here. And prepare him for a new adventure. And spend the summer enjoying  his childhood!