How to play lego with a 2 year old

With her older brother heavily involved in complicated lego play, Sonja has expressed an interest in participating.

Of course participating in this kind of a set up has unleashed all kinds of exasperation, and, um, increased noise level. Sonja can’t possibly understand all this complicated fire-police-crash or construction site lego set up, and could I just keep that baby away from his important stuff?

I had to find a way to help her do her own thing while playing lego with, or alongside, her brother.

Well, Sonja likes animals. Why not try and make some lego animals for her? A quick Google search brought up some inspiration, and we came up with three very cute animals for her to help make (and play with). And the best part is that we could use our existing lego blocks…no further purchase necessary!

Lego Snail

Lego bird

Lego giraffe

Peace, for the moment, is restored.