Packing, moving, renovating

It has been so long since I’ve been on this blog I had to look up the password.

Not sure where to begin since I’m trying to keep it together here, but barely hanging on a thread. We are moving into a tiny shoebox house for a couple of months in two weeks, 2 WEEKS, so the packing post-holidays has begun in earnest. It appears however that things are not quite as overwhelming as I thought, originally, since we do not appear to have quite as much useless stuff as I first assumed, but on the other hand, the way we store some of the stuff we want to keep has me ranting and raging on a regular basis lately.

I must find a way to train the entire family how to be more….orderly. Or something. Continue reading

Breaking ground…or so they say

DH is working at a privately-owned airport that is closing in a few years’ time. His aviation college is located at that airport and, naturally, since they need an airport for their programs, they’ve been looking around. A few places have presented themselves as possibilities, but the one furthest away (although still in the province) has been the most welcoming.

The final, official announcement has not come yet, but the clock is ticking. And everyone is a little bit on edge… Continue reading

Proverbial fork in the road

Some interesting developments have occurred this weekend. Developments that brings my current path in life to a fork in my road.

A fork in our road, actually.

Although the current developments do not truly surprise me, it does put my frame of mind, which can be best described as erratic, into a state of shock. This new reality is something I will have to come to terms with somehow, and this is shocking to me.

I was ready for a change.

The bottom line?

We are not moving out of the city.

Not now, at least.

In some ways I feel relieved that it’s finally been verbalized. I got the feeling for some time that DH has less interest to make such a move after a year of avoiding talking about it in great detail. For him, it’s practical to stay in the city. He has a list of reasons that resonate with me, even though I can counter all those reasons with a pretty good argument for the opposite.

But I get it. He can’t do this now, can’t think about such a big leap now. Or in the near future.

So in the meantime, I have to re-evaluate what is positive about living in this neighbourhood (and there are many, many things), in this house (which is doable but may cause me semi-regular grief), and within such great proximity to various family and friends. This too affects our dynamic (in a good way).

I say to myself:

A fork in the road may stop you in your tracks momentarily, but eventually you will choose a path, with an end result in mind. You will work toward the success of this end result with varying degrees of adjustments along the way but you will also take solace in the fact that you may find yourself at yet another fork in that road while on that path.

The path of life is full of surprises.

Either way, we are at another milestone moment in our life, and so I begin by taking one more step toward the middle of the fork in the road. Decision time doesn’t have to happen today, I can prevail here for a bit, at my proverbial fork in the road.

More obessions

I move furniture around. It’s what I do. It’s cheaper than moving, for one thing. And it’s fun. But only until I see the mess it created.

Unfortunately, I usually move all of the furniture back to how it was before. This is not productive behaviour in terms of time, but the residual clutter forces me to purge.

Purging is a good thing. (While this supposed purging is going on, I manage to distract myself enough to come sit in front of THIS distraction and blab on incessantly. Funny how that happens.)

This time however, I have a real excuse for my itch to move furniture around. I have to accommodate the toddler bed in Benjamin’s room. The way the room is set up currently (with her crib in MY bedroom), Ben has an extra shelf with toys in the spot where her bed will have to go. The entire room needs to be rearranged to accommodate two children sleeping and playing in there.

So while I’m thinking about where to put beds and moving stuff around in there, I notice that the walls are kind of shabby. I may as well throw a new coat of paint up in there. But first I have to fill the holes in the wall. Which means I have to clear out stuff, or at least move it away from the walls.

Can you imagine what empty bookshelves in the middle of the room, as in, not fastened to the wall, will do to a toddler?


So, I have to CLEAR OUT all the current stuff, fix up the walls,  paint, and move the stuff back into new locations. Preferably during naptime.

Ha. Ha.

Which brings me back to my moving-furniture-situation.

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I ponder what it might be like to live in a slapped together, cardboard townhouse with all the modern amenities.

When this cardboard townhouse falls apart due to lack of workmanship, I would simply move to another one. In some McSubdivision.

I’d drive a  McMinivan most likely.

Of course, if I’m living in such a McTownhouse I would be single with two kids.

This would not be too much of a foreign concept to me, truth be said. I’m single right now. Single with two kids. One who needs his nose wiped and one who is teething and whining.

Right now.

But I itch to paint.

I should paint.

I want to paint.

I can’t paint.

Because there is no one to watch the kiddies.

Not that I’m watching them either right now…I’m blogging. Pondering and blogging.

I ponder too if I should just contact a real estate agent. Have her assess this place to sell AS IS.

You know, like that IKEA ASIS section.

Put it up for sale, move into a new townhouse, and be done with it.

No more basement issues. No more painting issues. No more coordinating and trying to stay motivated, and motivate OTHER people to prime and paint and do stuff.