Accidents happen to parents too

Since yesterday afternoon I have been practicing being a left handed person. After a lifetime of right handedness, I find it rather difficult to switch.

Actually, I’m practicing being a one-handed person. That seems more accurate since I have been instructed by DH not to use that hand and let it heal or get to the hospital to get stitches.(I’m not going.)

I accidentally managed to almost slice off my right hand the other day. (The cut is much deeper and more jagged than the picture shows, and bled profusely for a long time.) There was a situation with a screen door and a lever that stuck and broken glass. And although it’s only affected the side of the hand (below the pinky finger) and I can move my fingers perfectly speedily across this keyboard, I really should not be doing anything strenuous with my right hand.

Lifting a hair brush seems to be about as much activity as my wound can handle without opening back up and causing me to bleed profusely. Earlier I tried to open a pickle jar with my left hand…didn’t work. So I used the fingers on my right hand to hold the jar, and used my arm to try and twist open the cap…I felt a little pull on the top part of the very long and jagged cut on my hand, but I saw no blood, so that was the last time I’m opening a jar.

I do not need an infection, which could happen if I keep doing stuff to open the wound.

Sitting idle is remarkably hard. I had planned on finishing painting my kitchen which I started last week and specifically for this event placed the kidlets into an afternoon sports camp…now I have to sit here and drink tea and eat chocolate instead.

And not use my right hand.

This is not particularly fun.

End of summer moodyness

I’m painting, on a whim, the 1950s installed kitchen cabinets which were already painted once before, 10 years ago, by me.

The kitchen is ick. I mean, in an updated used-for-10-years kind of way.

The kitchen walls leading to the living room were drawn on with some sort of marker (Sonja? Probably.) and since I had left-over paint that was ugly for something downstairs but lovely for something else upstairs (an old dresser drawer thing that used to be ugly dark gray, and is now a lovely mustardy-yellow) I thought I’ll use up that full and brand new can of paint on the old kitchen cupboards. Because mustardy-yellow is much nicer than the terra-cotta colour I used to like and now am sick to death of.

Anyway. I’m painting the kitchen.

It is a LOT of work.


School hasn’t started…


They’re BOTH going to a sports camp next week in the afternoon. He is in soccer, she in a multi-sport thing. I will drop them off punctually at 12:45 pm and pick them up at 4 pm and the rest of the time I’m getting that kitchen done.

Because the week after next, the kids are in school and activities start and Sonja will be adjusting to a new school and a new routine and a five block walk to school for which she already has ample excuses on the ready at the mere suggestion that we expect her to walk to school with the rest of us each and every day AND BACK AGAIN…and then again to pick up her brother in the afternoon…

It will be kind of mental in the beginning weeks.

Which is why I’m painting now, with kids in the house.

I think I’m entitled to be in a bad mood.

The end.

More obessions

I move furniture around. It’s what I do. It’s cheaper than moving, for one thing. And it’s fun. But only until I see the mess it created.

Unfortunately, I usually move all of the furniture back to how it was before. This is not productive behaviour in terms of time, but the residual clutter forces me to purge.

Purging is a good thing. (While this supposed purging is going on, I manage to distract myself enough to come sit in front of THIS distraction and blab on incessantly. Funny how that happens.)

This time however, I have a real excuse for my itch to move furniture around. I have to accommodate the toddler bed in Benjamin’s room. The way the room is set up currently (with her crib in MY bedroom), Ben has an extra shelf with toys in the spot where her bed will have to go. The entire room needs to be rearranged to accommodate two children sleeping and playing in there.

So while I’m thinking about where to put beds and moving stuff around in there, I notice that the walls are kind of shabby. I may as well throw a new coat of paint up in there. But first I have to fill the holes in the wall. Which means I have to clear out stuff, or at least move it away from the walls.

Can you imagine what empty bookshelves in the middle of the room, as in, not fastened to the wall, will do to a toddler?


So, I have to CLEAR OUT all the current stuff, fix up the walls,  paint, and move the stuff back into new locations. Preferably during naptime.

Ha. Ha.

Which brings me back to my moving-furniture-situation.

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I am on a painting rampage!

I’m painting hallways, trim, doors, this, that and the other. Almost done!

I also have 6 loads of clean laundry to fold and put away. But lucky for me I have

a) dumped it on the bed DH is currently sleeping on since I have Miss Cranky Pants with me in bed half the night, which means he can’t go to sleep till he does something with the pile, and

b) my hands are full of paint so I can’t help out in that department.


The renovations that never end

Last weekend when hubby had 4 days off in a row I was CONVINCED I’d be able to move certain furniture out of my livingroom into my basement.


I am an idiot.

Not only is the furniture still UP HERE where it will probably remain for the forseeable future, but now we are out of quarter round.

And trim.

Which both need to be painted.

Two pieces of trim and 14 pieces of concave quarter round.

It’s really these details that wear me down.

You see, we finally have a floor in the main livingroom.

A floor I cannot see anymore because it is convered by protective paper and tools like table saws and drills, rubber bins with bedding in them (since I have no closet space for linens), and trim pieces.

And carpet remnants. And underpadding from the carpets.

Because the carpet guy came today and put the carpets in the other rooms.

Which is all fine and dandy except now we need more quarter round and trim, both of which needs to be painted, two coats (2 COATS) and dried, before it can be used.

Painted in some area where there is no dust.


But we have flooring.

And carpeting.

Both of which we did not have for the past 5 months.

So maybe this is a good thing.

Too bad I’m having such a hard time actually SEEING the progress.

What are the chances this painting/trimming/quarter rounding will be done this weekend in a least ONE MEASILY LITTLE AREA OF THIS GODFORSAKEN BASEMENT?

I just really want my life back.

The end.

The various shades of green

I really like this colour. Although it goes on darker than the little paint chip sample thingy. But that’s ok. I wanted colour in the basement, even though there will be lots of  natural light coming in.

This colour reminds me of spring herbs.


This colour reminds him of lime.

I offered to go a shade lighter, or different altogether, but he says he doesn’t care.



I ponder what it might be like to live in a slapped together, cardboard townhouse with all the modern amenities.

When this cardboard townhouse falls apart due to lack of workmanship, I would simply move to another one. In some McSubdivision.

I’d drive a  McMinivan most likely.

Of course, if I’m living in such a McTownhouse I would be single with two kids.

This would not be too much of a foreign concept to me, truth be said. I’m single right now. Single with two kids. One who needs his nose wiped and one who is teething and whining.

Right now.

But I itch to paint.

I should paint.

I want to paint.

I can’t paint.

Because there is no one to watch the kiddies.

Not that I’m watching them either right now…I’m blogging. Pondering and blogging.

I ponder too if I should just contact a real estate agent. Have her assess this place to sell AS IS.

You know, like that IKEA ASIS section.

Put it up for sale, move into a new townhouse, and be done with it.

No more basement issues. No more painting issues. No more coordinating and trying to stay motivated, and motivate OTHER people to prime and paint and do stuff.