Random randomness

The cupcake failure from previous days has finally unfailured itself and the end result looks like this:


* * *

Today is Benjamin’s 4th birthday.  And although it’s not even lunchtime, a whole bunch of stuff has happened so far that leaves me kinda, um….flabberghasted. Exhausted. Ticked-off. Fed up. You know.


Only more so.

* * *

A very wise woman who has many children advised me this morning to always PLAN in such a way as if you have no help. Because even if you think there may be some help, or are counting on such help to arrive, chances are (at least in this household) that it is not the kind of help you have envisioned. Or there may be a complete absence of anticipated help.

So plan to do it yourself, she says. If you get help, great. If you don’t, well, at least you managed to get it done on your own. If all hell breaks loose with, or without, the help, then you can at least feel free(er) to blame “the other one”.

Or the kids.

Either way, it’s not your fault.

* * *

This morning, DH was not unhappy about the fact that THEY scheduled him to be done by around mid-afternoon. Which we all know really means late afternoon. But even late afternoon is better than not being home for dinner when it’s your only boy’s birthday.

Later in the morning, DH was unhappy about the schedule change he happened to come across accidentally (by doing something dumb like check his work email prior to leaving for work). Supposedly, he is now no longer done at mid-afternoon-late-afternoon-ish. He is now done probably sometime after dinner.

So he stomped out of the house without the coffee I made him, leaving me to drink 17 more cups.

Now I’m unhappy because he’s unhappy.

I suggested he speak to them and just tell them to change the schedule back, since he always does extra work and works after work and works at night and checks email when he shouldn’t be checking email.

Not sure if he will or not.

Birthday boy and his grandparents and Sonja and I will just have to plan to eat without him.

* * *

I had to do 17 loads of laundry this morning because my children have pee issues. Everything is wet with pee. The boy’s bed. The boy’s pjs. The girl’s clothes. The girl’s exersaucer.


* * *


Look. I’m a thirsty kinda gal. Ok? I drink my coffee, I drink my water, I drink my wine.


Given that I drink something all day, I tend to frequent the bathroom fairly often.


All that liquid in a tiny bladder abused by two bouncy babies while pregnant will do that to a woman.


So why is it that I can’t spend 60 seconds alone in that bathroom? WHY?

Take yesterday.

I had to pee. I glance around the house. Kids are playing together in another room, dog is fast asleep, Javadad is downstairs in the office.

A walk to the bathroom. I don’t hear the pitter patter of tiny feet or dog paws following me.

Happy joy…

The second I pull down my pants, the first one arrives. She analyzes the situation, then drags her potty closer to me and imitates my action.

20 seconds behind her is the 3yo. “Mommy, Sonja doesn’t want to play with me anymooooreee…”

Next I hear, then see the dog. He wants out. HIS bladder is the size of a prairie province and he was out less than an hour go. Why now?

Of course the family is still incomplete. Javadad has to pick THIS moment to ask me a question. “Where did you say the newspapers are?”

I mean, I spend the LEAST amount of time in the bathroom relatively speaking to the rest of the family and I don’t get 60 seconds of peace to have a pee.

Random questions about poop and pee

If the baby pees on the fresh diaper during a diaper change, can you still use the now slightly wet diaper?

If the toddler refuses to poop in the potty or toilet, but has done so before, and is now asking for a diaper to poop in, do you give him a diaper if you are busy with above mentioned baby, or do you ignore the poopy dance and incessant whine for a diaper by said toddler and deal with whatever happens after having finished with the baby?

If you use, say, smarties as a bribe motivator for pooping in the potty can you still use the smarties as a special snack on a day when there are no poop issues?